Pluff Mud Porter

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pluff mud (noun)—a mix­ture of dirt and water indige­nous to the marshes of the South Carolina Low Coun­try, with a dis­tinct odor that’s en­dear­ing to lo­cals but off-putting to oth­ers. Charleston, South Carolina’s Holy City Brew­ing’s sec­ond flag­ship beer was an ef­fort to bring the Amer­i­can porter style to the Charleston mar­ket proper, while also mak­ing a beer that stays ap­peal­ing as the mer­cury rises. Pluff Mud Porter presents (and smells) like a clas­sic porter, with sub­tle choco­late notes and a silky fin­ish, but the medium body and tame ABV keep it re­fresh­ing at all times.


Batch size: 5 gal­lons (19 liters) Brew­house ef­fi­ciency: 72% OG: 1.053 FG: 1.012 IBUS: 22 ABV: 5.5%


6 lb (2.7 kg) 2-row 2 lb (907 g) Crys­tal 20 1 lb (454 g) Crys­tal 60 1 lb (454 g) Mu­nich 2 (20L) 0.5 lb (227 g) Carafa 2


1 oz (28 g) Great North­ern Brewer hops at 30 min­utes

YEAST Wyeast 1028 (Lon­don Ale) DI­REC­TIONS

Mash with 3.3 gal­lons (12.5 l) for one hour at 150°F (65°C), lauter, and then sparge with 4 gal­lons (15.1 l) to yield 6 gal­lons (22.7 l) of wort. Boil for 60 min­utes, fol­low­ing the hops sched­ule. Chill the wort, pitch the yeast, and fer­ment at 68°F (20°C) for one week or un­til fi­nal grav­ity is reached. When fer­men­ta­tion completes, wait seven days and then crash to 32°F (0°C) and pack­age, car­bon­at­ing to 2.5 vol­umes of CO2.

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