Sa­mue­ladams Boston Tea Party Sai­son

LOC: Boston, Mas­sachusetts ABV: 7.4% | IBUS: 25 | SRM: N/A

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine - - Spiced Belgian-style Ales -

What the brewer says

“A bi-coastal twist on the clas­sic Bel­gian style, com­bin­ing Woods’s yerba mate-in­fused sai­son with Sam Adams’s wild yeast blend. Mate’s earthy spice plays on the funky bac­te­ria and gives a sig­na­ture snap to the am­ber sai­son’s tra­di­tional dry fin­ish.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Lots of spicy things that come across a bit like smoky phe­nols. There’s an al­most fishy char­ac­ter, but it fades to a touch of co­rian­der, fenu­greek, maple, and ginger. There’s also strong graham cracker, mo­lasses, and caramel malt. Invit­ing.” Fla­vor: “Fruity with over­ripe pear and peach. Spicy and slightly smoky phe­nols. If there’s tea, they added plenty of milk. This is sort of a chai beer with an over­ripe ba­nana sweet­ness along with funky earthy notes. Noth­ing sticks out or is over­whelm­ing, and over­all the beer is nicely bal­ance.” Over­all: “Lots of spicy, a bit of smoky, and some­what fruity char­ac­ter—great com­plex­ity and bal­ance, but it’s not ex­actly easy drink­ing. Prob­a­bly would pair well with some spicy Thai food.” 88 AROMA: 10 AP­PEAR­ANCE: 3 FLA­VOR: 18 MOUTH­FEEL: 4 OVER­ALL: 9

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