Bot­tle Logic Leche Bor­ra­cho

LOC: Anaheim, Cal­i­for­nia ABV: 11% | IBUS: N/A | SRM: N/A

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What the brewer says

“Brewed with an­cho and chipo­tle pep­pers, cin­na­mon, ca­cao nibs, and lac­tose su­gar. We aged half the brew in charred tequila bar­rels to de­velop lay­ers of smoky cigar and not-so-sub­tle heat while its coun­ter­part met with bour­bon bar­rels for lin­ger­ing, vel­vety rich­ness.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Sweet and bold cin­na­mon, bour­bon, caramel, and choco­late up front, with a hint of plum, raisin, and mod­er­ate boozy al­co­hol.” Fla­vor: “Bold cin­na­mon and heat up front, with the bar­rel char­ac­ter fol­low­ing closely be­hind, coming through as bour­bon, al­mond, and tof­fee, with caramel malt sweet­ness and milk choco­late. There’s a nice heat from the pep­pers. Fin­ish is spicy but not over­whelm­ing.” Over­all: “Bour­bon, cin­na­mon, and vanilla all un­der­lined and tied to­gether with the bar­rel char­ac­ter. Sweet cin­na­mon on dis­play with the base beer serv­ing to sup­port all the crazy fla­vor but not get­ting in the way. A del­i­cate and mas­ter­ful bal­anc­ing act pulling these fla­vors to­gether in such a clear and com­pelling way.” 99 AROMA: 12 AP­PEAR­ANCE: 3 FLA­VOR: 20 MOUTH­FEEL: 4 OVER­ALL: 10

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