Is­abella In­fin­ity Scarf Tu­to­rial

Crochet World - - Crochet World - By Darla J. Fan­ton

If you are fa­mil­iar with Tu­nisian cro­chet, the first rule you learned was prob­a­bly, “The right side of the work is al­ways fac­ing you. You never turn the work.” I set out to find a way that I could turn the work, use 2 col­ors and not have to cut the yarn at the ends of ei­ther the For­ward Pass or Work­ing Off the Loops. A lock­ing stitch marker turned out to be the key I needed. By plac­ing the loop re­main­ing on my hook af­ter work­ing off the loops on a lock­ing stitch marker, I was free to turn the work and pick up my For­ward Pass yarn at the op­po­site edge. The re­sult­ing Scarf is cushy with a lot of tex­tu­ral in­ter­est and a dif­fer­ent look to each side. If you seam your Scarf care­fully there re­ally isn’t a right or wrong side to this project. Let me walk you through the first cou­ple of rows of the Scarf as you work a swatch. I sug­gest us­ing 16 stitches for your gauge swatch, but any even num­ber will work.

Note: A jumbo lock­ing stitch marker is rec­om­mended be­cause it won’t slip through the stitches. If a jumbo marker is not avail­able, re­move the fi­nal Aran loop from your hook, place it on a small marker and in­clude the ad­ja­cent aubergine stitch be­fore clos­ing to pre­vent slip­page. When you pick up that loop later, re­mem­ber to place only the Aran loop on your hook.

Row 1 For­ward Pass (WS): With aubergine, ch 16, work­ing in back bar of chs (see illustration), pick up a lp in 2nd ch from hook and each rem ch across, leav­ing all lps on hook, drop aubergine. (16 sts)

Row 1 Work­ing Off the Loops: With Aran, yo, draw through 1 lp on hook, *yo, draw through 2 lps on hook, rep from * across un­til 1 lp rem on hook. Trans­fer rem lp to lock­ing stitch marker. (see Photo 1) Row 2 For­ward Pass (RS): Turn, in­sert hook un­der front bar of first st, yo and draw aubergine through st (see Photo 2), ch 1, *2 Tds (see Spe­cial Stitches on page 7) un­der next st, sk next st, rep from * across, work­ing 1 Tds un­der last st, drop aubergine. (16 sts)

Row 2 Work­ing Off the Loops: Trans­fer Aran from marker to hook (see Photo 3), ch 1, *yo, draw through 2 lps on hook, rep from * across un­til 1 lp rem on hook. Trans­fer rem lp to lock­ing stitch marker. Con­tinue on as for the Scarf, re­mem­ber­ing af­ter work­ing off the loops to move the re­main­ing loop to a lock­ing stitch marker and at the be­gin­ning of each For­ward Pass, turn the work so aubergine may be picked up. Aubergine is used for every For­ward Pass and Aran is used for every Work­ing Off the Loops. I en­joyed de­sign­ing this Scarf and look for­ward to ex­per­i­ment­ing fur­ther with this vari­a­tion of Tu­nisian cro­chet! CW

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