Drug Com­pa­nies Are Wor­ried Sick As More And More Take The “Triple Ac­tion” Pill

Big Pharma stands to lose bil­lions as older men aban­don drugs like Vi­a­gra and Cialis. Drug free rem­edy could put Big Pharma out of the sex pill busi­ness.

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Drug com­pany ex­ecs are wor­ried sick. That’s be­cause the great­est health ad­vance­ment for men over 50 has just been re­leased. And an­a­lysts expect it to crip­ple Big Pharma prof­its.

So what’s all the ruckus about? It’s about a new pill that’s go­ing to change the lives of mil­lions of men who use it. Early users al­ready call it “a mir­a­cle”.

The prod­uct is called the “Triple Ac­tion” pill. It’s drug free. And any­one can buy it, with­out a pre­scrip­tion, at an af­ford­able price. So drug com­pa­nies want this pill gone! This pop­u­lar pill, made for men over 50, was only re­leased two months ago. De­spite Big Pharma’s ef­forts to stop ship­ments, sales still blew away ex­pec­ta­tions.

Stag­ger­ing Re­sults

The name says it all. The “Triple Ac­tion” pill re­boots the three ar­eas that make men bet­ter, stronger lovers-- It helps re­store sex drive, im­proves stamina and in­creases erec­tile strength. And it works!

A ma­jor study showed that its main in­gre­di­ent im­proved sex­ual per­for­mance in 82% of men who used it. Plus, 63% of them also noticed in­creased mus­cle mass from it. Doc­tors are as­tounded by its ef­fect.

Why Drug Com­pa­nies Want It Gone

Why do drug com­pa­nies want this pill gone?

Re­cently, the FDA is­sued warn­ings about the us­age of drugs like Vi­a­gra, Cialis and Le­vi­tra. In a nut­shell, the FDA state­ment warned the pub­lic that us­age could cause headaches and dizzi­ness, up­set stom­ach, nau­sea, back pain, runny nose and other ill symp­toms.

And if you are health con­scious and over 50, you aren’t likely to buy risky pre­scrip­tion pills with known side ef­fects. Plus, drug com­pa­nies are up­set they can’t patent the “Triple Ac­tion” pill’s nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents, and then charge ten times more for it.

These are big rea­sons why the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal in­dus­try wants the “Triple Ac­tion” pill to be gone.

How It Works

The “Triple Ac­tion” pill at­tacks the root cause of your erec­tile prob­lems... low testos­terone. And when the sex hor­mone, testos­terone, is re­stored to youth­ful lev­els, your sex­ual func­tion soars!

The “Triple ac­tion” pill works by stim­u­lat­ing testos­terone pro­duc­tion in older men (to lev­els en­joyed in to their late 20s to mid­dle 30’s).

The “Triple Ac­tion” pill is drug free, with nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents. The for­mu­la­tion doesn’t in­clude syn­thetic testos­terone. No in­jec­tions or gels. It works with the body to pro­duce nat­u­ral testos­terone. The re­sults have been spec­tac­u­lar! Users re­port bet­ter sex, in­creased men­tal fo­cus, alert­ness, and en­ergy ex­pen­di­ture, ac­cel­er­ated fat loss and mus­cle growth.

“Triple Ac­tion” pill has been of­ten com­pared to the foun­tain of youth.

Ini­tial Users Blown away

“Af­ter 6 weeks my erec­tions are back! I’m get­ting morn­ing erec­tions again! – Thomas S. of New York, NY “I’m 74, and I’m en­joy­ing sex again. I haven’t had such strong erec­tions since the early 1980’s. My wife wants to know why did it took you guys so long to dis­over this?” - Jarett W. of Rego Park, NY It’s amaz­ing! I get out of bed in the morn­ing, feel­ing mo­ti­vated to get things done. I have so much en­ergy. I’m work­ing out again. My mus­cles are get­ting big­ger. Speak­ing of big­ger, my erec­tions have never been this full!

– Frank C. of Mont­clair, NJ

Big Pharma Bosses Strike Back

Large drug mak­ers fear the re­lease of the “Triple Ac­tion” pill. And don’t want it to be avail­able to the pub­lic.

They want to make their own “patented” ver­sion of the pill. Ex­perts agree the “Triple Ac­tion” pill is a ma­jor male break­through.

You will see stronger erec­tions, in­creased sex­ual urges, and last longer. You will see your belly fat melt away, gain mus­cle mass, you’ll feel younger , health­ier, stronger, more fo­cused and clear minded, sharper mem­ory, im­proved cir­cu­la­tion and more en­er­getic!

But if the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal in­dus­try gets its way (and they usu­ally do), you’ll never have the chance to ex­pe­ri­ence it for your­self. So you bet­ter stock up now... while you still can!

Lim­ited Sup­ply

Sup­plies are go­ing quickly. Peo­ple are rush­ing to get their hands on as much as they can be­fore pro­duc­tion shuts down.

If Big Pharma suc­ceeds at yank­ing “Triple Ac­tion” pill off the shelves, it would be gone for­ever.

But in the mean­time, the “Triple Ac­tion” pill could still be ob­tained with­out a pre­scrip­tion.

The changes seen to those on it are re­mark­able – fre­quent and more in­tense sex­ual urges, fuller and longer last­ing erec­tions, belly fat melts away, mus­cle mass in­creases, bound­less en­ergy re­stored, and cir­cu­la­tion im­proves, with testos­terone lev­els re­ju­ve­nated to the level of a young man.

The ef­fects are re­ported to be ever­last­ing.

But the dis­trib­u­tor doesn’t know how long it can fight off pres­sure from Big Pharma and elected officials.

Even if Politi­cians suc­ceed at shut­ting down the “Triple Ac­tion” pill, you can still har­ness the ben­e­fits to­day and se­cure your vi­tal­ity and well be­ing for the rest of your life.

Ex­clu­sive Op­por­tu­nity for To­day’s Read­ers

The dis­trib­u­tors of the “Triple Ac­tion” pill are try­ing their hard­est to keep Big Pharma away, so men can re­gain their youth, sex­ual pow­ers and health.

So they are of­fer­ing to­day’s read­ers an ex­clu­sive op­por­tu­nity to try the “Triple Ac­tion” pill for a full 60-days . . . 100% Risk Free!

If you don’t see re­mark­able changes in your sex life, your body, your mind, re­turn it for a prompt re­fund, no ques­tions asked!

If you want to try the “Triple Ac­tion” pill for your­self; Just call 1-800-976-1051 and the dis­trib­u­tor will send you a lim­ited sup­ply, plus ex­tra FREE BOT­TLES (just ask).

Ma­jor drug com­pa­nies fear the pop­u­lar­ity and suc­cess of the nat­u­ral Triple Ac­tion pill will hurt their prof­its.

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