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Even the best-in­ten­tioned se­crets are still se­crets, and they’re dan­ger­ous. It’s in your grand­daugh­ter’s best in­ter­est to know who her bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther is. How­ever she pro­cesses it, it’s in­for­ma­tion she de­serves to have, one of the more prac­ti­cal rea­sons be­ing for the sake of her medical records.

Help your daugh­ter talk through her fears. She’s said she is afraid her daugh­ter will flip out, so ex­plore the worst-case sce­nar­ios there. She’s only 16; she can’t very well pack up and start a new life over this news. She might threaten as much, but once the dust set­tles, she’ll still be there, and so will all of you.

As a fam­ily, you can re­as­sure her that bi­ol­ogy does not make a fa­ther. Love and com­mit­ment do. The man who tucked her in and read “Green Eggs and Ham,” taught her how to ride a bike, kissed her bruises when she fell, spent hours try­ing to grasp the con­cepts of ge­om­e­try so he could help her study, dried her tears when the other kids left her out, dried his own tears on all her first days of school — he is her real fa­ther. And that will al­ways be the whole truth.

As the au­tumn sea­son sets in, I feel as if there is a void in my earthly ex­is­tence. I do have to ad­mit that I have had sui­ci­dal episodes in my re­cent past. My spir­i­tual be­liefs have been, in a way, torn apart since June of this year. I still be­lieve in God, even though I mistrust him or her for the mo­ment. Thank you for tak­ing the time to read this. — A Tor­mented Soul

If you’re hav­ing any sui­ci­dal thoughts, please call the Na­tional Suicide Preven­tion Life­line, at 800-273-8255, im­me­di­ately. There are peo­ple there 24 hours a day who would love noth­ing more than to lis­ten and help.

Though I don’t know the de­tails of your life or what has hap­pened to shake your faith re­cently, I know there are peo­ple who care about you. Count me among them.

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