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I can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to my love life. I’m a se­rial monogamist; I be­gan dat­ing at 18, and I haven’t spent so much as a month sin­gle since. But it seems as if just about ev­ery guy I’ve dated ends up be­ing a cheater or a dead­beat.

Prior to my cur­rent re­la­tion­ship, I was with “Ray,” who was un­der­em­ployed. I had just re­ceived an in­her­i­tance (he didn’t know about that when we started dat­ing), so I had no prob­lem be­ing gen­er­ous — at first. Grad­u­ally, I found my­self pay­ing for all his ex­penses. He didn’t have a car, so I let him use mine. He never filled up the tank. I started to find his lazi­ness and lack of am­bi­tion unattrac­tive.

That’s when I started spend­ing time with “Derek,” who is a chef at the restau­rant where I work, in a dif­fer­ent light. Long story short, I broke things off with Ray and started see­ing Derek.

I thought things were go­ing great. But a few weeks ago, I went to use my lap­top and no­ticed he was still logged on to Face­book. In gen­eral, I try not to snoop, but I couldn’t help it this time. I saw the most re­cent mes­sage, which was from a girl, and they’d been talk­ing reg­u­larly for the pre­vi­ous two months — flirt­ing, send­ing each other self­ies. I con­fronted Derek, and he in­sisted that they’re just friends.

I don’t re­ally be­lieve him, but I can’t bring my­self to leave him. I don’t know whether there’s any­one bet­ter out there. What is it with guys to­day?

— Se­ri­ally Dis­ap­pointed Dear An­nie

You’re jump­ing from re­la­tion­ship to re­la­tion­ship as a kid hops be­tween couch cush­ions in a game of hot lava. What is so per­ilous about be­ing sin­gle that you rush into shoddy re­la­tion­ships with men you don’t much care for? That’s not just a rhetor­i­cal ques­tion. I mean for you to re­ally look in­ward and do some re­flect­ing.

In­stead of search­ing for your next boyfriend, you should be find­ing your­self. Break up with Derek. Don’t date any­one for six months. Un­til you learn how to be happy with your­self, you won’t be happy with a part­ner.

I just read in to­day’s news­pa­per that pigs, dogs, cats and other pets will now be al­lowed on air­planes as “ther­apy” an­i­mals.

I do not like an­i­mals in places where peo­ple live, such as in­side homes or in other con­fined places. As a child, I was se­verely trau­ma­tized by a dog, and ever since, I haven’t wanted to be in con­fined spa­ces with an­i­mals. I travel on air­planes sev­eral times a year. What are my rights to not have to be sub­jected to this added stress?

— Petless in New York

Vic­tims of dog at­tacks suf­fer psy­cho­log­i­cal scars long after the phys­i­cal wounds have healed, and you have my sym­pa­thy in that re­gard. But let’s not dis­par­age ther­apy an­i­mals — the lov­ing, furry he­roes who have been help­ing peo­ple with dis­abil­i­ties for years.

In terms of what your “rights” are: I know that air­lines ac­com­mo­date al­ler­gic pas­sen­gers by re­seat­ing them when nec­es­sary or, when that’s not an op­tion, by plac­ing them on the next avail­able flight free of charge. If you’re at all al­ler­gic to dogs, you might con­sider pur­su­ing that an­gle.

But more gen­er­ally speak­ing, you should try to work past your fears. Do you have any friends who have dogs you feel more com­fort­able around than most? If so, spend time with them. Ex­po­sure ther­apy can work won­ders.

Service an­i­mals have been in use for decades and are not go­ing any­where any time soon.

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