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P.o. Box 937, Karen L. We­aber to Karen Lock­wood We­aber and Karen Lock­wood We­aber, $1 (Lake Oswego 97034) Po Box 3., Fed­eral Home Loan Mort­gage Corp and Phe­lan Hal­li­nan Di­a­mond &. Jones Llp to Ni­cole B. Court­ney and Kevin P. Court­ney, $369,600 (Fairview Vil­lage 19409)


14 Madi­son Way, Stephen Gre­gory Par­sons to We­ichert Work­force Mo­bil­ity, $337,000 (Downingtown 19335) 14 Madi­son Way, We­ichert Work­force Mo­bil­ity Inc to Mad­husud­han B. Lak­sh­mi­narayana and Nithya Ke­shava, $337,000 (Downingtown 19335) 14 Wether­burn Drive, Justin R. Wrab­ley and Stephanie Wrab­ley to Eric P. Sch­leusner and Jes­sica D. Sch­leusner, $274,900 (Downingtown 19335) 222 Tru­man Way, Don F. Baar and Vir­ginia Lee Baar to Jef­fry C. Ste­wart and Lin­gling Yang­stew­art, $585,000 (Downingtown 19335) 244 Tru­man Way, Gar­rett Mol­holt and Jui-lan Lou to Greg Fak­tor and Irina Fak­tor, $549,900 (Downingtown 19341) 39 Lin­coln Drive, Neema Rouhani and Mehrnaz Sadr to Sreeni­vas Amirisetti, $310,000 (Downingtown 19335) 500 Crest­wood Ln, Steven C. Chapracki and Chris­tine R. Chapracki to John J. Ii Trot­man and Lau­ren C. Trot­man, $415,000 (Downingtown 19335) 52 Lin­coln Drive, Gre­gory M. Dunn and Lau­ren M. Nance to Ghu­lam Mo­ham­mad and Rabeya War­ris, $327,000 (Downingtown 19335) 956 Bur­dette Drive, Robert J. Jr Jones and Robert J. Jones to Robert J. Jr Jones, $1 (Downingtown 19335)


131 Wiand Ln, Beth Rafter and Beth Schopen to Beth Schopen and James Schopen, $1 (Spring City 19475) 150 S. Sa­vanna Drive, Diana M. Schutz to Jonathon S. Hogga, $232,000 (Pottstown 19465) 221 W. Wayne Ave Apt A-1, Ea­gle Mon­i­tor­ing Inc to Joseph F. Jr El­lis, $80,000 (Wayne 19087) 27 Dare Ln, Todd S. Mar­zolf and Jen­nifer S. Mar­zolf to Daniel W. Fosse and Jes­sica R. Find­ley, $207,000 (Pottstown 19465) 311 School­house Rd, John A. Ian­nelli and Christina Marie Ian­nelli to Jor­dan Stierly and Melissa Bo­nen­berger, $240,000 (Pottstown 19465) 370 First Ave, Ge­orge E. Jr Hen­nessey to Bradley H. Les­sig-peter­son, $95,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 472 Manatawny Rd, Chris­tine T. Day­lor and Sara Chris­tine Day­lor to Zim­rick Group Llc, $62,500 (Boy­er­town 19512) 6. Brandie Layne Ct, Michael Fran­cis Jr La­porta and Halina Marie La­porta to Paul C. Char­ron and Caro­line E. Char­ron, $563,000 (Spring City 19475) 65 Dare Ln, Joan L. Wor­thing­ton to Kurt Fisher, $228,000 (Pottstown 19465) 8. Lin­wood Cir, Telvil Corp to Paul S. Balzano and Amy J. Balzano, $390,000 (Pottstown 19465) 965 Old Schuylkill Rd, Michael J. Weigner and Christina L. Weigner to Michael J. Weigner, $1 (Pottstown 19465) 97 N. Sa­vanna Dr, Tracy Weeks to An­drew K. Macy and Paul B. Macy, $240,000 (Pottstown 19465)


100 Belle­vue Dr, Stephen M. Richard­son and Vic­to­ria Antonelli-richard­son to Ken­neth Forsythe and Erika Forsythe, $315,000 (Coatesville 19320) 101 Quigley Way, Fran­cis P. Mcgar­vey and Donna M. Mcgar­vey to Ari­ane P. Ger­rit­sen Van Der Hoop and Ari­ane P. Ger­rit­sen Van Der Hoop, $249,900 (Coatesville 19320) 110 Ti­mac­ula Rd, Pick­er­ing Val­ley De­vel­op­ers Inc to Mbq Llc, $492,450 (Coatesville 19320) 1106 Wood­bridge Rd, David M. Seegers and Carolyn L. Seegers to Brett A. Ken­dra, $270,000 (Coatesville 193204609) 113 Watch Hill Road, Robert J. Iii Konzel­man and Lind­say N. Konzel­man to Matthew R. Hell­hake, $275,000 (Coatesville 19320) 136 Bri­dle Path Ln, Te­jasvi Chekri and Pranavi El­lanti to Domenic Lauro, $414,990 (Coatesville 19320) 140 Cyprus Lane, Rouse/ cham­ber­lin Ltd and R/c Man­age­ment Corp to Nor­ris Wes­ley An­der­son and Paulette West, $396,450 (Coatesville 19320) 1411 Robin Rd, An­drew M. Givler and Jen­nifer Givler to Eric Mca­dams and Erin Mca­dams, $214,000 (Coatesville 19320) 17 Som­er­set Dr, John Franklin Penny and San­dra Penny to Shel­don P. Stevenson and Matthew B. Ken­wor­thy, $390,000 (Coatesville 19320) 200 Cyprus Ln, Richard Mer­lino and Sarah Mer­lino to Yolanda T. Stan­ton, $355,000 (Coatesville 19320) 204 Cyprus Lane, Gokul K. Pu­tum­baka and Swetha Pu­tum­baka to Lisa S. Mrykalo and Jef­frey P. Mrykalo, $389,900 (Coatesville 19320) 24 Som­er­set Dr, Veron­ica Car­rone and Daniel Car­rone to Brian W. Gil­bert and Gail Gil­bert, $252,000 (Coatesville 19320) 2665 Stras­burg Road, Leven­try Real Es­tate Llc to Thomas M. Marsh and Vicki A. Marsh, $119,000 (Coatesville 19320) 303 Ram­sey Rd, Joseph C. Iv Hamel and Kathryn Rose Hamel to Joseph C. Iv Hamel, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 58 Rokeby Rd, Geral­dine Weathers and James H. Mos­bey to Geral­dine Weathers, $1 (Coatesville 19320) 87 Ar­den Lane, Ian P. Fire­stone and Kim­berly A. Fire­stone to Bryan Fritz and Lucy Fritz, $264,900 (Coatesville 19320) Po Box 109, Jonas Jr Beiler to Carol L. Moore, $82,500 (Unionville 19375)


1102 Val­ley Drive, Nancy M. Grund­hofer to Joseph Ni­cholas For­lani, $176,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 1135 N. Ch­ester Rd, Michael Ed­son and Irene Ed­son to Thomas R. Moreau and Laura M. Moreau, $563,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1152 New­bury Lane, Gail D. Batchelder to Howard W. Buz­zard, $570,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1171 Lan­caster Ave Ste 201, Vin­cent J. Sr An­gelini and Vin­cent J. An­gelini Sr Re­vo­ca­ble Agree­ment Of Trust to T. Richard Moser Land De­vel­op­ers Lp, $400,000 (Ber­wyn 19312) 1218 Water­ford Rd, Steven A. Hart­man and Jamie L. Mcar­dle to Pre­cil J. Varghese and Mar­i­lyn A. Vergh­ese, $530,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1239 Great Oak Cir­cle, John Sac­chi to David Jr Smith and Suzanne Smith, $655,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1240 Water­ford Road, Joseph L. Balch and Shirley J. Balch to Kang­baek Kim and Olivia Park, $450,500 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1302 E. Stras­burg Road , Shawn B. Dutkiewicz and Adri­ane L. Eichert to Mindy Scully and An­drew Scully, $333,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1317 Val­ley Dr, John My­lonas to Jalyssa M. Ka­plan, $129,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 1323 Robyn­wood Ln, Sheila L. Kan­ter to Sheila L. Kan­ter, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1329 N. Ch­ester Road, Thomas J. Krinock and Mary Jo Krinock to Philip Mon­tagno and Mar­i­lyn Mon­tagno, $580,000 (Malvern 19355) 1333 Jack­son Lane, Wil­liam L. Mccormick and E. Su­sanne Mccormick to Adam V. Zentz and Court­ney R. Zentz, $525,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1361 E. Boot Road Apt 210 , Janet Bartholomew to Cristina Dibar­tolomeo and Brian Dibar­tolomeo, $450,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1378 Spring­ton Lane, Philip R. Jardine to Al­fred E. Jr Yudes and Deb­o­rah E. Yudes, $615,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1403 Spring­ton Lane , Joseph M. Long and Cather­ine H. Long to John W. Nilon and Rita M. Nilon, $515,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1408 Grand Oak Ln, David F. Alexan­der and Gwenne B. Alexan­der to Ni­cholas Car­done and Lau­ren Wil­lis, $450,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1419 Mill Creek Dr, Richard J. T. O. Keefe and Bar­bara H. O. Keefe to Ter­ence O. Sweeney and Elis­a­beth Daniels Sweeney, $622,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1450 W. Ch­ester Pike Unit 211, Bar­bara Drosey to Chun Chan and Cheong Sun Lam, $138,000 (West Ch­ester 19352) 1535 Glen­mont Ln, Jane L. Fis­cher and Ti­mothy Fis­cher to Leonard Scheurle and Amy Scheurle, $575,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1537 Tan­gle­wood Drive, Misty Mckay Burkhart to Joseph D. Iii Schieber and Chris­tine M. Schieber, $545,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1549 Tan­gle­wood Drive, Juli­eta Cal­mon and Gary Du­bin to Juli­eta Cal­mon, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1572 Colo­nial Lane , Schorn Properites Lp and Schorn En­ter­prises Llc to Daniel A. Alonso and Melissa L. Alonso, $392,500 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1596 Ul­ster Place, Jean E. Har­vey and Thomas M. Har­vey to Beth Fuhr, $374,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 1646 Vil­lage Ave, Joseph A. Iii Mccormick to Charles R. Cor­bett and Alice S. Cor­bett, $147,000 (Garnet Val­ley 19060) 194 Chan­dler Dr, Mar­i­lyn R. Strandt and Arthur J. Halt­ner to Ray­mond Steck and Bar­bara Steck, $210,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 196 Wyllpen Drive, Calogero J. Al­letto and Marlo Al­letto to Calogero J. Al­letto, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 2219 Ea­gle Road , Matthew W. Mur­phy to Bryan Mur­phy, $137,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 234 Sum­mit House, Anna Di Felice and Joseph Vin­cent Di Felice to Joseph Vin­cent Di Felice, $1 (West Ch­ester 19382) 23555 Ca­noe Ct, Marie E. Kriza to John A. Kriza, $1 (Lewes 19958) 2407 Pond View Drive, Ali­cia Ann Kelly and Ali­cia Ann Givey to Jer­ena Ann Smith, $128,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 252 Chatham Way , S. Jonathan Emer­son to Lisa Deck­man, $295,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 27 Chan­dler Dr, Michael Walsh and Kerry Walsh to Eu­gene Phillip Jr Mccormick and Chris­tine Ann Mccormick, $237,500 (West Ch­ester 19380) 2811 Ea­gle Rd, Ni­cholas V. Gallo and Stephanie Doud to Howard Brown and Leanne Brown, $202,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 289 Devon Lane, Karen M. Bay­ers to Bar­bara T. Doo­ley, $290,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 300 Devon Lane, Ge­orge P. Cordes and Su­san M. Cordes to Tamea Kulp, $360,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 3207 Green Coun­trie Dr, James W. Riker and Frances A. Riker to Robert Ira Co­hen and Michelle W. Co­hen, $462,500 (New­town Square 19073) 369 Devon Way, Chris­tine Cook and Henry P. Cor­co­ran to Bruce Se­her and Kathryn Se­her, $200,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 4. Zachary Dr, Don­ald P. Sharples and Pa­tri­cia A. Haas to Glenn M. White Land Co, $251,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 459 Sum­mit House, Michael Buo­nanno to Donna Se­manko, $172,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 475 Ea­ton Way, De­maris K. Neil­son to De­maris K. Neil­son, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 524 Franklin Way, Guy F. Matthews and W. Don­ald Jor­dan to Kevin J. Cal­la­han and Mar­garet M. Cal­la­han, $370,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 534 Franklin Wy, Robert D. Gre­gory and Ge­orgeanne M. Gre­gory to Harry H. Iii John­son and Joanne John­son, $310,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 544 Sum­mit House Unit 544 , An­gelo Al­banese and Vic­to­ria L. Shaup to Christina Delia, $130,000 (West Ch­ester 19382) 552 Franklin Way, Richard I. Plotzker and Maria Plotzker to Mary Ann Di­n­un­zio, $240,000 (West Ch­ester 19380) 554 Franklin Way, Nel­son Henry and Vir­ginia Henry to Nel­son Henry, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 653 Sum­mit House, Pa­tri­cia E. Wy­att and Pa­tri­cia El­iz­a­beth Wy­att to El­iz­a­beth H. Ret­tew, $138,350 (West Ch­ester 19382) 742 Inverness Drive , Ellen D. Vro­man and Sheri Vro­man Rain­ear to J. Scott Vro­man, $1 (West Ch­ester 19380) 828 Cot­ton­wood Drive, Kuross Bon­akdar­pour to Florence Diane Stop­per, $570,000 (Malvern 19355) 903 Madi­son Drive, Frank A. Pici to Sharon L. Pici, $1 (Malvern 19355) 914 Sor­rell Hill Drive, Harlan Corp to Sor­rell Hill Home­own­ers As­so­ci­a­tion Inc, $1 (Malvern 19355) 917 Saratoga Drive, Wil­liam B. Sr Mul­downey and Joan Mul­downey to Wil­liam B. Jr Mul­downey and Jes­sica Mul­downey, $437,000 (West Ch­ester 19380)


1215 Scott Rd, Net­tie E. How­ell to East Marl­bor­ough Hold­ings Llc, $515,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 123 Deer Creek Cross­ing, Ki­ran Taunk and Mary M. Taunk to Brian J. Davo­los and Me­gan C. Davo­los, $575,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 203 Cherry Ln, Mark A. Co­tugno and Su­san Lee Co­tugno to To­masa A. Evans and Thomas Evans, $310,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 276 Deep­dale Dr, Steven Wil­liams and Crys­tal Wil­liams to Brian P. Board­man, $284,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 323 Cherry Lane, Brad­bury S. Arnold and Cyn­thia V. Arnold to Brad­bury S. Arnold and Cyn­thia V. Arnold, $1 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 450 Lark­spur Dr, Megill Homes Llc to John T. Gil­bride and Vic­to­ria C. Gil­bride, $490,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 463 Lark­spur Dr, He­len Bren­nan and Joseph P. Bren­nan to Joseph P. Bren­nan, $1 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 612 Unionville Road, Joann H. Fisher to Kevin E. Bax­en­dale, $275,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 740 Mead­ow­bank Road , Thomas G. Mcdon­ald and Chris­tine R. Mcdon­ald to Vi­vian Y. Lau, $500,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 754 Mead­ow­bank Road, Wendy C. Hoff­man to Robert Miller and Ilyssa Miller, $535,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 831 Ne­whall Rd, Cope &. Pear­son De­vel­op­ment Lp and Cope &. Pear­son Inc to Robert P. Ric­cia­rdi and Su­san L. Ric­cia­rdi, $285,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) 842 Mead­owview Road , Moses Ni­chol­son to Ster­ling Mur­ray, $387,000 (Ken­nett Square 19348) P. O. Box 1539, Scott May­hart and Cindy May­hart to Scott G. May­hart, $1 (Chadds Ford 19317)


147 Mil­lard Rd, John A. Jr Walsh and Ann J. Walsh to Ron­ald Allen En­sor and Am­ber En­sor, $319,500 (Elver­son 19520) 164 Creamery Rd, An­drew Brown and Kim­berly Brown to David M. Yoder, $239,900 (Elver­son 19520) 2091 Fairview Road, Matthew Crane and Robin Christo­pher to James T. Croyle and John P. Sr Croyle, $530,000 (Glen­moore 19343) 64 Lyons Run Rd, Matthew J. Her­shey and Dan­ica Her­shey to Robert A. Capo­bianco and Brid­get Ann Capo­bianco, $380,000 (Glen­moore 19343)


1084 Lees Bridge Road , Christo­pher A. Tu­molo to April Alar­con, $235,000 (Not­ting­ham 19362) 1200 Rt 100, Wil­liam P. Gross and Rose A. Gross to Rose A. Gross, $1 (Bech­telsville 19505) 132 Black­burn Dr, J. Gor­don Gainer Llc to Thomas Jr Gon­za­lez and Ce­cilia A. Gon­za­lez, $278,000 (Not­ting­ham 19362) 148 Duck Farm Rd, Wendy A. Mackay to Kyle D. Wil­liams and Chelsea C. Gill, $273,500 (Ox­ford 19363) 205 Sh­effield Lane, Ti­mothy R. Kehler and Va­lerie U. Kehler to Stephen Nay­lor, $236,000 (Ox­ford 19363) 275 Wil­son Mill Rd, Ralph W. Li­naweaver and Donna Li­naweaver to Eileen Sch­eye, $1 (Ox­ford 19363) 279 Wil­son Mill Rd, Eileen C. Sch­eye to Ralph W. Li­naweaver and Donna Li­naweaver, $1 (Ox­ford 19363) 282 Cold­iron Dr, Sa­muel Schetrompf and Karen Schetrompf to Michael Moretti, $320,000 (Ox­ford 19363) 285 Freese Rd, Freda Tuono to David Lee Laugh­ing­house and Grace Ann Laugh­ing­house, $329,000 (Ox­ford 19363) 300 Mount Pleas­ant Road, Zachariah West­cott and Mal­lory Hoag West­cott to Paul D. Cavazz­ini, $161,250 (Ox­ford 19363) 351 Lit­tle Elk Creek Rd, Mar­jorie C. Wil­liamson and Ju­dith W. Soul­liard to Ed­ward W. Arnold and Lau­ren D. Arnold, $200,000 (Lin­coln Univer­sity 19352) 407 High­land Ct, Rouse/ cham­ber­lin Ltd and R/c Man­age­ment Corp to Vickie L. Smith, $253,571 (Ox­ford 19363) 407 Inkwell Ct, James M. Sr Betancourt to Brian G. Jr Kelly, $274,900 (Ox­ford 19063) 408 But­ton­wood Lane, Rouse/ cham­ber­lin Ltd and R/c Man­age­ment Corp to Stephen R. Grater and Tam­era A. Grater, $385,559 (Ox­ford 19363) 482 Wa­ter­way Road, Gina Marie Espen­schied to Holly C. El­lis and Robert W. El­lis, $305,000 (Ox­ford 19363) 510 Misty Drive, Green­point Farm Inc to Daniel C. Mon­tague and Sarah E. Mon­tague, $261,445 (Ox­ford 19363) “116 ,meadow View Dr”, Pa­trick T. Mather and Tara N. Mather to Matthew Charles Heck­man and Tara Marie Tor­res-heck­man, $302,500 (Ox­ford 19363)


1121 Rapps Dam Rd, Gene Kasch and He­len Kasch to David Alexan­der Kasch and Sinead O. Dwyer Kasch, $1 (Phoenixville 19460) 1202 Cherry Wood Ct, Jef­frey M. Swope and Ali­cia D. Swope to Marc Blasi, $195,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 1242 Cal­ista Lane, Michael P. Den­nis to Michael P. Den­nis and Karen A. Brakoniecki, $1 (Phoenixville 19460) 129 Lake Road, Sheila Re­nee Mar­shall to Sean P. Mcguckin, $263,500 (Phoenixville 19460) 13 Jonathan Dr, Thomas P. Fuhs and Ch­eryl M. Fuhs to Lisa Franklin and Mau­reen Mor­gan, $350,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 1310 Wil­liam De­wees Dr, Corey M. Petrulich and Kath­leen L. Petrulich to Richard Ro­manowski, $236,900 (Phoenixville 19460) 1701 Bri­ar­wood Ct, James T. Sim­ming­ton and Phoebe S. Sim­ming­ton to Neena K. Singh, $222,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 1906 Iris Ct, Eighthands Llc to Brenda War­ren, $192,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 2002 Iris Court Unit #2002, Vy­tau­tas Maci­ulis and Vida Bai­bokaite to John B. Zarzano and Diane Zarzano, $185,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 2104 Iris Ct, Glenna Marie Swarr to Amy L. Eakins, $229,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 30 Jonathan Dr, James R. Jr Brown to Carol Cro­nen­berger, $345,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 3509 Honey Lo­cust Dr, Nick A. Gi­achino to Sarah Bitto, $272,000 (Phoenixville 19460) 423 Brook Dr, Robert J. Balogh to Joshua Flasher and Ash­ley Flasher, $180,000 (Spring City 19475) 642 Pike­land Ave, David J. Poloway and Flora P. Poloway to Harry J. Jr Im­bur­gia and Adri­enne Im­bur­gia, $352,500 (Spring City 19475) 901 Spring City Road, Aeg Turnkey So­lu­tion Llc and Aeg Turnkey So­lu­tions Llc to Steven Pen­zone and Jen­nifer Ap­pel, $232,500 (Phoenixville 19460) 916 Deb­bie Lane, Bar­bara A. Smed­ley to Amelia E. Oden­thal, $190,000 (Phoenixville 19460)


1. Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton Way, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Thomas Fa­mawa and Lil­iane Ta­m­agne Moche, $387,489 (Spring City 19475) 109 Trent Woods Way, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Subramanian Baskaran and Chi­tra Baskaran, $274,805 (Cary 27519) 158 Bar­ton Dr, Vir­ginia Anne Elek and Jil­lian Elek to Justin Kriczky and Jen­nifer A. Kriczky, $425,000 (Spring City 19475) 16 Tracy Av­enue, Michael Ed­mund Baker and Brid­get El­iz­a­beth Baker to Sa­ree Swider­sky and Craig D. Lough, $249,000 (Spring City 19475) 215 Eadie Way, Toll Pa Xv Lp and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Scott Mather and An­drea Mather, $551,748 (Spring City 19475) 231 Eadie Way, Toll Pa Xv L. P. and Toll Pa Gp Corp to Jan-hin­rik Bauwe and Svenja Bauwe, $549,500 (Spring City 19475) 3. Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton Way, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Peter Gakuru and Njanja Mathu, $374,035 (Spring City 19475) 563 Ridge Ave, Brian J. Sims to Stephen Schenck and Elisa M. Schenck, $310,500 (Spring City 19475) 6. Madi­son Dr, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Stu­art Thomp­son, $418,885 (Spring City 19475) 629 Wash­ing­ton Square, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Stephen J. Mi­hal­cik and Melinda A. Mi­hal­cik, $307,974 (Spring City 19475) 631 Wash­ing­ton Square, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Kath­leen Ni­chol, $275,193 (Spring City 19475) 633 Wash­ing­ton Square, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Jonathan M. Merin and Heather A. Wood, $265,021 (Spring City 19475) 709 Ridge Rd, Bruce W. Sun­der­land to Bruce W. Sun­der­land and Rita Sun­der­land, $1 (Pottstown 19465) 8. Madi­son Drive, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Raj Kom­para­kkaran Jose and Ligi Koloth Joseph, $409,155 (Spring City 19475) 807 Bridge St, Ver­nita Kimp and Ver­nita Collins to Su­san Brooks, $167,500 (Spring City 19475) 893 S. Mat­lack St, Charn­wood Prop­erty Group Llc to Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes, $111,500 (West Ch­ester 19382) 893 S. Mat­lack St, Charn­wood Prop­erty Group Llc to Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes, $111,500 (West Ch­ester 19382)


1. Steeple­chase Lane, Richard A. Senn and Jerold Q. Senn to 32 Stone­henge Llc, $260,000 (Malvern 19355) 10 Broad Leaf Trail , Eric J. Hamil­ton and Karen Hamil­ton to Zhao­hui Du, $506,000 (Malvern 19355) 11 Tan­gle­wood Ln, Harry H. Iii John­son and Joanne John­son to Eric W. Stet­son and Nena O. Stet­son, $357,500 (Malvern 19355) 13 Beech­wood Ave, Zachary J. Weller and Al­li­son K. Weller to Heather S. Vi­vian Kingsley and James E. Day­witt, $262,000 (Malvern 19355) 135 Wey­bridge Dr, Ma­son No­ble to Chin­tan Bhavsar and Shalin­iben Ash­winku­mar Shah, $350,000 (Malvern 19355) 18 Mys­tic Ln, Michael F. Wil­son and Arthur Cox Wil­son &. As­so­ciates to Main Line Ther­apy Prop­er­ties Llc, $210,000 (Malvern 19355) 2. Clover Mill Lane, Mar­sha Peltz and David Peltz to Mar­sha Peltz, $1 (Malvern 19355) 209 Con­estoga Rd, Hellings Prop­er­ties Lp and Hellings Builders Inc to East Whiteland Town­ship, $1 (Malvern 19355) 2298 Horse­shoe Pike, An­thony Celia and Josephine Celia to Plane­brook Part­ners Llc, $1,850,000 (Honey Brook 19344) 236 Au­tumn Dr, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Sherin S. Ab­del-meguid and Su­san M. Dendinger, $374,990 (Ex­ton 19341) 253 Tor­rey Pine Ct, Taneisha Bly­den to Ro­hit Jain, $216,000 (West Ch­ester 19320) 2587 Co­mas Ln, Nvr Inc and Nv Homes to James M. Colombo and Lisa Colombo, $899,990 (East Peters­burg 17520) 26 Fahne­stock Road, Richard Morby and Chris­tine O. Morby to Michael R. Hickey and Court­ney Lynn Mcde­vitt, $284,500 (Malvern 19355) LIST TO BE CON­TIN­UED

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