Man’s dec­la­ra­tion of love wa­vers when he’s drunk

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DEAR ABBY >> I have been liv­ing with my boyfriend for 11 months. Things are mostly good, but there are a few things I need your ad­vice on.

He still hasn’t in­tro­duced me to his grown daugh­ter, and he stays in con­tact with his exwife. When he gets drunk, he texts her and tells her he loves her and wants to go back home to her, but when he’s sober, he in­sists he loves only me and wants us to spend our lives to­gether.

Do you think he’s still in love with her, or does he re­ally love me? I have talked to his friends. They say he loves me and not her be­cause he wouldn’t be with me if he didn’t. — Loves me, loves me not

DEAR L.M.L.M.N. >> Do I think your boyfriend is still in love with his ex? Let me put it this way — he still has feel­ings for her, but whether they are strong enough that she’s a threat to your re­la­tion­ship I can’t be sure.

What does need ad­dress­ing be­cause you and he have been liv­ing to­gether for nearly a year is why you haven’t met the daugh­ter, and the fact that this man may have a drink­ing prob­lem. Once you do, you’ll find the an­swers you’re look­ing for.

DEAR ABBY >> Please en­cour­age busi­nesses to con­sider the ben­e­fits of hir­ing se­nior adults. They tend to be empty nesters and have skills that one can learn only from years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the job mar­ket. Se­niors are prompt, non- de­mand­ing and with­out a sense of self-en­ti­tle­ment. The baby boomer gen­er­a­tion al­ready knows the com­puter ba­sics. They can be taught about soft­ware re­lated to the job at hand, and they don’t have a ten­dency to “job hop.” Thanks for let­ting me have my say. — Be­lieves in se­nior work ethics

DEAR BE­LIEVES >> What you say about se­nior work­ers is true. They are hard­work­ing, ded­i­cated and mo­ti­vated. How­ever, it is up to each em­ployer to de­cide what qual­i­ties they want and need while hir­ing, and I wouldn’t pre­sume to sug­gest they dis­crim­i­nate against a younger job-seeker.

DEAR ABBY >> My 9-year-old grand­daugh­ter was in­vited to a birth­day party for a friend. The in­vi­ta­tion said “cash and gift cards only, please.” My daugh­ter bought a card for her daugh­ter and said she would put $20 in it. I’m Scot­tish; when she told me, I fainted. Then she said she had two $10s and would dis­cuss it with her hubby.

What is an ac­cept­able amount in this case? I’m glad I’m old. I ap­pre­ci­ate it if some­one still thinks enough of me to send a card. — Scots­man in Nova Sco­tia

DEAR SCOTS­MAN >> Pass the smelling salts my way, be­cause I, too, was taken aback when I read that a guest had been in­structed on what kind of gift to bring to a birth­day party. How rude!

Ask your daugh­ter how she ar­rived at the amount of money she’s con­sid­er­ing send­ing as birth­day loot. The sug­ges­tion on the in­vi­ta­tion was only that — a sug­ges­tion. She should de­ter­mine an amount that suits her bud­get. That’s the amount she should give.

TO MY JEWISH READ­ERS: As the sun sets tonight, Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, be­gins. As we be­gin this time of solemn in­tro­spec­tion, let me wish you all, “L’shana tova tikat­evu” — may you be in­scribed in the Book of Life for a good year.

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