Daily Local News (West Chester, PA) - - YOUR DAILY BREAK - by Phillip Alder

Randy K. Mil­hol­land, a web comic au­thor, wrote, "Friend­ship is be­ing there when some­one's feel­ing low and not be­ing afraid to kick them."

I hope that Mil­hol­land picks the right friend to kick; for some, that would be a bad idea. The psy­chol­ogy of the in­di­vid­ual is an in­ter­est­ing sub­ject.

North knew not to say any­thing at the end of this deal. What should South have done in four spades af­ter West led the club ace?

North's three-club re­bid was a dou­ble neg­a­tive, show­ing some 0-4 points. Three hearts, a new suit, was forc­ing for one round. South could have passed out three spades but could see 10 po­ten­tial win­ners in his own hand: seven spades and three hearts.

This deal would trip up al­most ev­ery­one -- and to be hon­est, 90.4 per­cent of the time the spades will not be 4-0.

The orig­i­nal de­clarer ruffed the club ace, cashed his spade ace, then took his two top hearts and led an­other heart. How­ever, West ruffed in and shifted to a di­a­mond. East won with his ace and re­turned a heart. West ruffed that as well, then cashed the di­a­mond king for down one.

Later, North pointed out that it was right to dis­card a di­a­mond at trick one. (Yes, at dou­ble dummy, South could have sur­vived by lead­ing a di­a­mond at trick three, but if hearts were 4-3 and West had only two di­a­monds, that would not have worked.) As­sum­ing West con­tin­ues with the club king, South pitches his other di­a­mond. Then East can never get on lead for a trump pro­mo­tion.

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