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LIT­TLE JOHN W got a con­tested pace in his most re­cent but just couldn’t quite get up as the fa­vorite. To­day’s pace is solid and this geld­ing fig­ures a bit more fit sec­ond off the lay­off. The jock switch to Zayas is a plus as he is 50% when rid­ing for this barn. BIRD HU­MOR is feel­ing great. He has tac­ti­cal speed to help his trip. It took a few races for this guy to find his turf form but found it he has AND he is bred to like the weeds. REGAL KIT­TEN cuts back a full fur­long and maybe that helps? Not much pace last out yet he only lost by 2 lengths. To­day’s pace is just bet­ter and this guy has al­ways done his best on this sod.


Did AUSABLE just learn to pass run­ners in his most re­cent? Or is he just feel­ing that good? His turf breed­ing is only OK yet he just won on the green at al­most 7-1. The Kassen barn is 21% with re­peat­ing win­ners. Added dis­tance could test this guy’s abil­ity to sit and pounce but there is other speed in here. If any­where near 10-1 morn­ing line then this guy is the value. INASWAGGER does like this dis­tance and now goes third off the lay­off. One of many with some speed. You can’t knock a run­ner that has won 10 times in only 28 starts. MAL GUAPO has the best last race Beyer. Big figs in two of his last three starts. When Zayas last rode this geld­ing they won by 12 plus lengths and it was only three back. Be­fore bet­ting those rent monies, are you sure he likes seven pan­els?


If this comes off the grass, then first time starter MY NIECE LUANNE is the play. Her sire is 15% with de­but 2YO run­ners. Her dam went 25-3-5-3 for 50K and this is her first foal. This barn is 29% with de­but run­ners and 25% with de­but maiden claimers. HONEY HEARTS is by a 6% de­but turf sire. Her dam went 9-0-2-2 for 14K on the green and this is her first foal. This filly ran great in her de­but and it came on an off track. We like this filly if this comes off or stays on the grass. TEQUILA N TACOS just ran OK on this lawn. She gets in light and puts the blink­ers ON so a front end try is more likely than not. ITS ABOUT ME is by a 6% de­but sire and a 19% de­but turf sire. Her dam went 24-2-2-3 for 36K (26K on the grass). This is dam’s first foal. DUTCHES OF SPARKLE is by a new turf sire. Her dam went 2-1-1-0 on the green for 9K. Both sibs failed to win on the sod. LIT­TLE VIC­TO­RIA is by a 0 for 30 de­but sire and a 1 for 25 de­but turf sire. Her dam was un-raced and this is her first foal. LEAVE IT TO BEBE is by a 11% de­but sire and a 1 for 11 de­but turf sire. Her dam went 4-0-0-0 with 3 of those on the grass. This is dam’s first foal. FUN AND GAMES is by a 0 for 2 de­but turf sire. Her dam went 7-0-0-2 on the green for 5K and this is her first foal.


NIKKI BELLA went fa­vored in her de­but and won nicely. She got a 66 Beyer and that was as a 2YO. What if she is more ma­ture now? Works are well spaced and we think con­nec­tions might have a good one here. No­tice that they find a spot where this filly can’t be claimed even though she only cost 4K. WORTH AV­ENUE has only run poorly once and that came with some time off be­fore and af­ter (3 back). She puts three races to­gether now so prob­lems are be­hind her. She is feel­ing good and seems ca­pa­ble on an off track if the um­brel­las come out. FERGIELICIOUS lures Zayas and drops in class. A more man­age­able pace to­day.


MY LIFE FOR YOU is good whether this stays on the turf or comes off. Her sire gets 7% de­but turf win­ners. Her dam never tried the green. One of three sibs won on the grass (26-6-5-5 for 178K). The time off is a bit scary but works are per­fect. Her up­side is great and we like it that Zayas gets a leg up (21% with this barn). RIGHT­EOUS RUTH has tried noth­ing but the grass in her short ca­reer and that is a plus. She is im­prov­ing by the minute. Race flows is fine as long as the 3, 5, and 6 stay in. PAT M’S IM­AGE ran OK off the lay­off but maybe she needed that race to some ex­tent? It was still a Beyer top. This mare is just a hard trier and she gets some pace to chase to­day.


STUDY THE STARS popped and stopped in her de­but but that was on the turf some­thing she isn’t bred to like. The Thomas barn is 21% turf to dirt. There isn’t that much pace in here but of course we don’t know what the first time starters are go­ing to do. If near 10-1 morn­ing line, then this pace play is the value bet. LUCKY STIFF ran well in her de­but and got bet at 2.8-1. Both sibs beat win­ners. Added two fur­longs help, right? This barn is 0 for 32 with 2YO’s. DESPOENA is by a 2 for 11 de­but sire. Her dam was un-raced. Of 8 sibs to race, 6 won and 5 beat win­ners. Trainer stats are very good even if this is a tough de­but dis­tance. CAITLIN’SATTHEBAR is by a 0 for 30 de­but sire. Her dam was un-raced. One of two sibs won. LEGGENDA is by a 11% de­but sire. Her dam went 22-2-6-8 for 215K. All 3 sibs won and 2 beat win­ners in­clud­ing a de­but 2YO win­ner. DON’T CHARGE IT is by a 18% de­but sire. Her dam went 3-0-1-0 for 4K and this is her first foal.


There just isn’t much pace in this race and maybe that helps LASSELL the most. He has tac­ti­cal speed and that alone might put him on the en­gine. The good news is that he doesn’t have to have the front end to run well. He missed a Beyer top by only two points three back. Class drop can’t hurt. ABTAAL does have some back class. New barn has this horse feel­ing good. A wet track might tilt the play­ing field in his fa­vor. Lone knock is that he has only tried 8 fur­longs twice. TELLING TONY is a lit­tle bet­ter of late. Lone dis­tance try was a W. New barn is 19% off the claim and they lure Zayas.


HARASAN ran well in his de­but and even got some play. He goes from a 3% barn to a 12% one. Two of three sibs beat win­ners. We love the fact that this guy has worked three times since said de­but. Most run­ners im­prove in their sec­ond start and this colt gets blink­ers to help sharpen his speed. HOPPIN’ MAD did get a 50 Beyer in his de­but and that was with him tir­ing late and los­ing to a re­peat win­ner. That was also at a tough 7 fur­longs. Then he tried the grass and did next to noth­ing. Two of three sibs beat win­ners. Now he gets much eas­ier and at what might be a re­ally good price. BARROOMBOUNCER got a 65 Beyer in his de­but. He was stuck on the rail in his sec­ond start and on a sloppy Joe track. Class drop is big but is it too big? Trainer stats are very good across the board. CAP­TAIN CORBIN is by a 7% de­but sire. His dam went 2-0-1-0 for $1,815 and this is her first foal.


This race is wide open. SHACKLEFORDS STORM fig­ures a good trip to­day. He seems to like his new barn or is a new turf horse. Did he learn to pass run­ners in his most re­cent? Plenty of pace to do the same to­day. As al­ways, he fig­ures a good to great price. STONE HEART got a lit­tle break and maybe that will help. He is proven on this sod and likes to pass run­ners which fits with to­day’s solid race flow. CITY ROC showed speed last out when win­ning first time turf and at a big price. He is ac­tu­ally bred to like the green. Although he just won gate to wire we think oth­ers are quicker and he may have to set­tle for a stalk­ing trip. BLINDING is by a 11% de­but turf sire. His dam never tried the green. Lone turf sib is 4-0-0-0.


NICK THE CARDSHARK might be the speed of the speed. Form cy­cle hints at bet­ter and he goes for a high per­cent­age barn. He gets more time be­tween starts than his pre­vi­ous race. DAN­GER­OUS BEND cuts back a half fur­long to a dis­tance that he has never tried. That’s just weird as this is only six fur­longs. His re­turn try was sharp and maybe he will be bet­ter as a 4YO. BLIND RUCKUS is feel­ing good even if fac­ing maid­ens. Some­times a horse likes this gets a taste for win­ning and likes it. A stalk­ing trip off the speeds works for us.


SHES GOT THE LUCK just ran bet­ter and it was her first on the grass. That makes per­fect sense as she is bred to like the green (un­like many of these). Sec­ond time on the grass is a plus as is two turns. BRIDGE OF SIGHS gets first Lasix and does have turf ex­pe­ri­ence. We though her de­but at Tampa was bet­ter than it looks as she was stuck in the 10 hole. The fact that Zayas takes the call says vol­umes. ASH­LEY’S ROSE is bet­ter of late and it came with the sur­face switch. Last chance for a good price?

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