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I agree with “It Could Be Worse Than Ri­d­ley.” Things are get­ting se­ri­ous with school taxes around here, but peo­ple should look at some sit­u­a­tions around us in New Jersey, Delaware and Mary­land – at least here we still have de­cent schools and im­me­di­ate lo­cal con­trol over the dis­tricts. You could be pay­ing high taxes for a medi­ocre district that cov­ers half of the county and have lit­tle say over your kids’ ed­u­ca­tion.


To “Wheels Of For­tune,” the flip side to that is that they ac­tu­ally is­sue re­calls when things are wrong with cars these days. Re­mem­ber when Ralph Nader was pulling teeth to get the auto industry to ad­mit there could be any­thing un­safe about their ve­hi­cles?


Any other year if we have a Fri­day the 13th in Oc­to­ber, I’d be a lit­tle bit more su­per­sti­tious and cau­tious. How­ever, since things al­ready seem to be falling apart all around Amer­ica right now, I’m not too wor­ried. It’s like we’ve been hav­ing more and more fre­quent days of bad luck for the last 20 years, so if any­thing hap­pens to me to­day it should blend right in. JUST SAY­ING


To “Brookhaven Rocks,” are you kid­ding me? I’ve lived on Trou­ble Boule­vard for years and speed­ing and go­ing through stop signs is a ma­jor prob­lem. It’s worse than ever, and hardly ever see a cop around here. You live in As­ton and have blin­ders on – and what is your con­cern about Trim­ble any­way as com­pared to other ways to go pass­ing through? Try Brookhaven Road or Dut­ton Mill Road. Trim­ble res­i­dents went be­fore coun­cil sev­eral times and the speed bumps and speed mon­i­tor haven’t worked. Sorry, neigh­bor, but I couldn’t be­lieve what I was read­ing from your in­put. MRS. G


My heart­felt sym­pa­thies go out to Odell Beck­ham Jr. I bet he’s wish­ing he could lift that left leg like he could in the Eagles’ end zone like he did a cou­ple weeks ago – what goes around comes around. It looks like these cur­rent cor­ner­backs and safeties are learn­ing what we all knew back in the ‘60s. These big 225-pound full­backs and half­backs come through the line, the only way for us 170 pounds safeties to get them down was to throw your­self at the back of their legs and maybe, just maybe, they won’t be so fast to get up. You know that, Odell? You’ve got to pro­tect your­self in the clinches, buddy.


“Why They Hate Us” is the most ridicu­lous ar­ti­cle I’ve ever read in Sound Off. “Wise Man” is any­thing but a “Wise Man.” R.G. IN D.H.


“Old And Knew” might take the cake for ridicu­lous left­ist anti-gun calls. First of all, can­nons are ar­tillery and the Sec­ond Amend­ment is tak­ing about arms, not ar­tillery guns. That’s as ridicu­lous an anti-gun ar­gu­ment as a pro-gun per­son say­ing pri­vate cit­i­zens have right to nu­clear weapons.


So Don­ald Trump wants to com­pare his IQ to the man who called him a mo­ron. Don­ald, you couldn’t spell IQ if you were spot­ted the ‘I’! BILL FROM BROOMALL


I agree with “What Lan­guage!” about lis­ten­ing to those old Oval Of­fice tapes. Trump is an openly more rough around the edges guy than any of those pres­i­dents, but there is no ques­tion that any politi­cians around be­fore 24-hour ca­ble news and then the In­ter­net greatly ben­e­fited when it came to per­sonal char­ac­ter is­sues.


Trump’s bash­ing on Twit­ter of Sen. Bob Corker, a Repub­li­can no less, proves that not only is Trump not qual­i­fied for of­fice, but that is he is men­tally un­sta­ble. And of course Trump sup­port­ers are go­ing to back him in all this, prov­ing that they too are men­tally un­sta­ble.


What is in the wa­ter in Radnor? Have all the politi­cians up there lost their minds? The Spin­gler case even made the Bri­tish tabloids. I’m ashamed to live on the Main Line.

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