God has a big­ger pur­pose in mind for you

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“Life has two rules. The first rule is to never give up.

The sec­ond rule is to re­mem­ber the first rule.”

A while back, I went on a busi­ness trip to Penn­syl­va­nia, and I thought about the life of en­tre­pre­neur, Mil­ton S. Her­shey. As I drove my car through the charm­ing town of Lan­caster, I re­called a book I had read years be­fore about Her­shey’s path to suc­cess, which was paved with stum­bling blocks and pit­falls.

Her­shey was a farm boy who left school in the fourth grade and then ap­pren­ticed for a printer who pub­lished a news­pa­per. He was not keen to that line of work and soon left. There­after, he started an ap­pren­tice­ship for a candy-maker, and found that he had a nat­u­ral tal­ent for the ‘sweet’ pro­fes­sion. Af­ter a few years, young Her­shey de­cided to go out on his own. His lim­ited funds and lim­ited for­mal ed­u­ca­tion did not stop him from fol­low­ing his vi­sion. Thus, he be­gan a candy com­pany. Yet, af­ter some time, it failed. Her­shey tried again and de­ter­mi­nately founded an­other candy en­ter­prise. It was un­suc­cess­ful, too.

Lack­ing re­sources and al­most bank­rupt, coura­geously, Her­shey didn’t yield. Re­fus­ing to fal­ter in the face of ad­ver­sity, he looked into the fu­ture. Work­ing hard, he per­se­vered. With the im­por­tant les­sons he had learned, Her­shey kept mov­ing for­ward to­ward his ut­most goals.

“Suc­cess cer­tainly did not come early or eas­ily for Her­shey,” I thought to my­self. His story makes me won­der, “How many of us al­low past set­backs to weaken us and pre­vent us from press­ing on to ful­fill the dreams of our heart?”

Then, a turn­ing point came in Her­shey’s life. He uti­lized a unique caramel recipe which he had stum­bled upon dur­ing his ear­lier days, and he launched a Caramel Com­pany. Be­fore long, the busi­ness be­came a great suc­cess.

How­ever, through his ex­pe­ri­ences, Her­shey as­tutely be­lieved that choco­late prod­ucts would ap­peal to the masses. Through trial and er­ror, he worked tire­lessly at per­fect­ing a de­li­cious, milk choco­late recipe. Sub­se­quently, he sold the Caramel Com­pany for a large sum of money. He wanted to de­vote all his time to re­al­iz­ing his dream of man­u­fac­tur­ing and dis­tribut­ing choco­late, while giv­ing gen­er­ously to phil­an­thropic causes.

To­day, ‘Her­shey’ is a house­hold name.

Are you right in front of a dif­fi­culty that seems over­whelm­ing? Like Mil­ton Her­shey, take one more step for­ward. There is hope be­yond what you face now. You’re too close to stop, for God, who has put the de­sire within your heart, will surely lead you to its pos­ses­sion. The Bi­ble tells us, “Be con­fi­dent of this, that He who be­gan a good work in you will carry it on to com­ple­tion” (Philip­pi­ans 1:6).

So hold an op­ti­mistic out­look. Speak aloud con­fir­ma­tory words. And be­lieve you will at­tain pos­i­tive out­comes. In the Scrip­tures I read that when speak­ing to the Cen­tu­rion who had a ser­vant that was ill, Je­sus said, “and as you have be­lieved, so let it be done for you” (Matthew 8:13). To the par­ents of a sick child, Je­sus said, “If you can be­lieve, all things are pos­si­ble to him who be­lieves” (Mark 9:23). And Je­sus told the two blind men who were healed, “Ac­cord­ing to your faith let it be to you” (Matthew 9:29).

What we think and what we say has a way of com­ing true. Thus, try this: Take out your Bi­ble. Find one of God’s promises for your par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tion. At­tach a prom­ise to the prob­lem. Next, speak aloud the prom­ise in faith.

• All the odds might be against suc­cess. How­ever, say: “God who arms me with strength and makes my way per­fect” (Psalm 18:32).

• Per­haps, the re­port doesn’t look good. Al­though, say, “I called to God for help and He healed me” (Psalm 30:2).

• Maybe there could be cause to worry. But, say, “God has me in the palm of His hand” (Isa­iah 49:16).

• Sit­u­a­tions may have been un­fair. None­the­less, say “God is my vin­di­ca­tor” (Psalm 4:2).

• One plan pos­si­bly did not work out. Yet, say, “God promises that He still has a good plan up­com­ing to give me hope and a fu­ture” (Jeremiah 29:11).

You never can tell how close you are to your ob­jec­tive… you may be closer to achieve­ment than you think. I re­mem­ber when a friend of mine’s son wanted to ap­ply to an Ivy League col­lege; but some­one made a neg­a­tive re­mark to him stat­ing, “You will never get into that school. Don’t even bother sub­mit­ting an ap­pli­ca­tion.” As that un­con­struc­tive com­ment moved through my friend’s son’s mind, the de­ter­mined teenager said to him­self, “I am go­ing to try any­how, be­cause I be­lieve this is where the Lord wants me.” That young man let his faith and his heart lead the way. He ap­plied to that Ivy League school and you know what? He was ac­cepted with a schol­ar­ship! And he grad­u­ated with high hon­ors.

To­day is a piv­otal day. Let go of neg­a­tive com­ments from oth­ers, the set­backs and un­fair sit­u­a­tions of the past. God has a big­ger pur­pose in mind for you, so just keep tak­ing steps ahead and trust in Him. He is at work on your be­half. Re­cently, rev­el­ing in the crisp au­tumn air and chang­ing leaves, I went shop­ping at a lo­cal farm mar­ket. There, I saw a woman who was wear­ing a blue ma­ter­nity top with white let­ters in the front of the top that read: ‘A mir­a­cle in the mak­ing.’

I want to en­cour­age you all, dear read­ers, to find the strength to per­se­vere in spite of over­whelm­ing ob­sta­cles or if the world says to ‘give up’ or ‘it can’t be done.’ A mir­a­cle is in the mak­ing for you.

We must be­lieve in our own worth and aim for the high­est, mak­ing a to­tal ef­fort. Be­cause it does not mat­ter how un­fea­si­ble some­thing ap­pears or how slowly we walk to get there, as long as we con­tinue to stay on course and keep on go­ing, we can reach the won­der­ful goal. The tide is get­ting ready to turn. You’re close to your break­through. Cir­cum­stances will quickly change. There will be new friend­ships, new op­por­tu­ni­ties, and new joys in your fu­ture.

There­fore, with glad­ness, hour-by hour, and day-by-day, keep on striv­ing, press on­ward and move for­ward. God is say­ing to you to­day, “I will be with you.”

The time is here; your sea­son of bless­ings has ar­rived.

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