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When diesel per­for­mance started its up­swing in the early 2000s, sled pullers were at the top of the com­pet­i­tive heap. Th­ese mon­ster-turbo, me­chan­i­cally in­jected rigs made way more power than any­thing else, lead­ing many to ask: Why not put a sled pulling en­gine in a drag truck? It was only a mat­ter of time be­fore some­one tried it, and Jimmy and Dale Smith, along with the help of Dan Scheid, de­cided to make that leap. Af­ter a num­ber of con­verter and trans­mis­sion set­ups, ev­ery­thing came to­gether in 2007 for one of the quick­est and fastest passes to that date, a 9.81 at 138 mph, which was un­heard of for a 6,000-pound truck. Af­ter putting a num­ber of 9s in the bag, the team started to hit trou­ble spots. They couldn’t get a con­verter that would spool and hold up. They couldn’t get the truck to stay in its lane. They fought break­age, even with the sled puller en­gine. Jimmy hung up his spurs as driver.

The story could have ended right there, as 9s is fast, even th­ese days, but the team knew the truck could go even


faster. A higher-horse­power en­gine was in­stalled, along with a unique trans­mis­sion com­bi­na­tion de­vel­oped by Dan Scheid. Over the course of al­most a year, Scheid de­vel­oped a man­ual valve body 48RE trans­mis­sion that was mated to a Crower 4-disc clutch, com­bin­ing the best of sled pulling and drag racing. The unique clutch setup proved to be dif­fi­cult to launch, but that didn’t stop new driver Seth Sul­li­van from mas­ter­ing the task. With con­sis­tent 1.4-1.6 60foot times, Sul­li­van could now power around most of the com­pe­ti­tion, even in the eighth-mile. East Coast and Mid­west drag bat­tles saw the truck of­ten at the top of the heap, and the Dodge was also one of the first diesel drag trucks to crack into the 5s in the eighth with a 5.87, and 8s in the quar­ter with an 8.83 pass at 162 mph.

Over time, Sul­li­van ne­go­ti­ated a deal to buy the Dodge from the Smiths, and

de­cided to ratchet the Dodge up to an­other level, with a 700-pound weight re­duc­tion along with a full back-half and four-link setup. Scheid stepped up his end too, with his lat­est alu­minum block Cum­mins, which pro­duces an in­sane 2,300 horse­power. The trans­mis­sion re­mained the same ba­sic de­sign in­clud­ing the clutch, and with its new­found power, the truck re­ally was quicker and faster than ever.

Dur­ing the 2014 and 2015 sea­son, the green-and-red rocket was hard to beat, dip­ping into the mid-5s (5.52 best) in the eighth-mile, and trap­ping 142 mph—a speed that still hasn’t been beat by a two-wheel or four-wheel-drive Pro Street truck. Al­though Sul­li­van never got a chance to of­fi­cially run the truck down the

quar­ter mile, an im­promptu data-log pass showed 170 mph trap speeds, which again would have made for an un­of­fi­cial record.

Like many of those at the top of a sport, Seth Sul­li­van de­cided that it was time to move on, and sold his in­sane Dodge just a few months ago, with­out an en­gine, to new owner Lo­gan Yel­ton. For­tu­nately (for all of us) the fi­nal page of this story has yet to be writ­ten, as Yel­ton al­ready has an equally se­ri­ous sled-pulling pow­er­plant in­stalled, and is ready to keep the truck and its me­chan­i­cal legacy alive.

 Sul­li­van’s Ram doesn’t run an in­ter­cooler, but in­stead uses a mul­ti­ple-noz­zle wa­ter in­jec­tion kit to keep EGTS un­der con­trol. A Simp­son valve is used to in­ject the wa­ter at an in­sane 1,000 psi.

 The fac­tory 12mm P7100 in­jec­tion pump was re­placed with a 14mm P8600 from Scheid Diesel that flows well in ex­cess of 1,000cc of fuel. The pump is usu­ally “turned down” quite a bit in or­der to get down the track.

 Stain­less steel in­jec­tion lines that are 0.120-inch in di­am­e­ter feed the triple­feed in­jec­tors from Scheid Diesel. The in­jec­tors are fit­ted with 5x.030-inch noz­zles, and flow more than enough fuel to keep the Cum­mins happy.

 A lot of folks might see lines run­ning into the in­take and think it’s ni­trous, but Sul­li­van’s truck is all fuel. The black line is a boost ref­er­ence, while the rest are wa­ter in­jec­tion lines.

 Scheid Diesel was able to find big gains in up­ping the air­flow in­side the en­gine, so an in­di­vid­ual-run­ner in­take was fit­ted to a Hamil­ton Cams cylin­der head that flows nearly twice as much as a fac­tory head.

 The foun­da­tion of Sul­li­van’s power is an alu­minum block Cum­mins built by Scheid Diesel that saves more than 100 pounds over a stock block and adds tons of strength. The block has been sleeved, fit­ted with Scheid Diesel rods, 12:1 Arias pis­tons and a...

 As if an 88mm turbo wasn’t big enough, a huge 114mm Holset­based tur­bocharger is the big air mover, and is a big fac­tor in the en­gine’s wild 2,300hp power rat­ing.

 Huge amounts of cylin­der pres­sure come with this type of power, so the top end of the en­gine has been fire-ringed and fit­ted with stout 14mm head studs from ARP.

 The mon­ster 6.4L Cum­mins made just over 2,300 horse­power on its last en­gine dyno out­ing at about 135 psi of boost. Shift points are sky-high (for a diesel) at 5,000 rpm.

 The “smaller” of the two tur­bocharg­ers in the com­pound-turbo setup is an 88mm turbo from Pre­ci­sion Turbo and En­gine.

 The trans­mis­sion in the ’98 Ram is prob­a­bly the most unique in the busi­ness. A man­ual valve body 48Re-based trans­mis­sion is con­nected to a Crower 4-disc clutch that Sul­li­van ac­ti­vates with this huge hand lever. He ad­mits it took a good 20 prac­tice...

 Things soon got se­ri­ous when Sul­li­van bought the truck, with a full back-half by Fast Chas­sis in Mt. Wash­ing­ton, Ken­tucky. The rear end was also re­placed with a Fab 9 axle hous­ing and full four-link rear sus­pen­sion with AFCO coilover shocks.

 It’s weird to see an AMS 1000 con­troller on a 12-valve diesel, but Scheid in­di­cated it’s a big help in di­al­ing in to­tal boost to help the heavy 4x4 get down track with­out blow­ing the tires off.

 The bed of the truck was set up to be as sim­ple as pos­si­ble. A sin­gle Op­tima bat­tery, hy­draulic pump for the steer­ing as­sist, and small fuel cell were all mounted out of the way just be­hind the cab.

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