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71mm), Small Twin (un­der 80mm), Large Twin (over 81mm) and Un­lim­ited. With a cap set at 60 trucks, the sign-up sheet was full be­fore noon, and the crews blasted through them quickly, al­low­ing some ex­tra time for the Un­lim­ited class en­tries to make sure ev­ery­thing was just right be­fore they spooled those triple tur­bos and armed the ni­trous switches. Nota­bles on the chas­sis dyno were Randy Reyes, a re­cent Ul­ti­mate Call­out Chal­lenge com­peti­tor who stole the show with a bru­tal 2,058hp run thanks to his triple tur­bos and a lit­tle ni­trous. Starlite Diesel had its Duramax du­ally on the rollers and was just crest­ing 1,400 hp when the torque con­verter bolts sheared off mid-pull. Richard Scott’s 6.4L Power Stroke smashed

 Run­ning in the United Pullers Open Street class, Shan­non Perkins took her first shot at sled pulling in this Cum­mins-pow­ered Dodge she calls the Lit­tle Red Wagon. Un­for­tu­nately, things didn’t go quite as planned as some axle hop and bounce led her to lift a lit­tle soon, end­ing the pull at 97 feet. But huge props to her for get­ting out there and try­ing—you’ve got to learn some­how.

 This clean and sleek low­ered 6.4L Power Stroke is owned by Richard Scott of Roy, Utah, and laid down 713 hp. Scott has made a few im­prove­ments un­der the hood like cus­tom Tyrant Diesel tun­ing, No Limit Fab­ri­ca­tion in­take, an HT Turbo 71mm Low Pres­sure turbo, BTS Trans­mis­sion torque con­verter, and an H&S Mo­tor­sports waste­gate kit.

 As the dyno event spon­sor, of course Starlite Diesel had to have its own dis­play. Owner and lead tuner Zac Fuller has spent years tweak­ing, tun­ing and build­ing on this truck and has com­peted in both Ul­ti­mate Call­out Chal­lenges. Bro­ken con­verter bolts dur­ing his time on the dyno cre­ated some is­sues, but not be­fore he smashed out more than 1,400 hp.

 Oak­ley Bonds of Nephi, Utah, had this big blue Dodge on the rollers and slammed down 844 hp in the Small Twin class, which al­lows all com­pounds up to an 80mm tur­bocharger. That run was enough to land third spot in the class, very re­spectable num­bers for daily-driven rig.

 There is just some­thing about a clean OBS Ford that gets a guy ex­cited. This crew cab 7.3L Power Stroke is owned by Austin Thomas of Clin­ton, Utah, and made 477 hp on the Su­per­flow Dyno. Great num­bers from an old HEUI en­gine.

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