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was left in the hands of Power Hun­gry Per­for­mance in the form of cus­tom PCM tun­ing.

2.5-inch S400

As if com­pet­ing with the HEUI in­jec­tion sys­tem isn’t enough of a chal­lenge, Green’s lo­cal pulling class dic­tates that he can only run a map groove style tur­bocharger if its in­ducer size is 63.5mm (2.5 inches)—which is minis­cule when it comes to feed­ing 7.3 liters of dis­place­ment. To make the most of the sit­u­a­tion, Green reached out to a com­pany on the lead­ing edge of af­ter­mar­ket turbo tech­nol­ogy: En­gi­neered Diesel. The call was an­swered with a com­pe­ti­tion-ready,

 Thanks to a T4 turbo mount from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance, a 2.5-inch charger sits at the back of the 7.3L’s lifter val­ley. Built by En­gi­neered Diesel, the 2.5-le­gal turbo is based on a Borg­warner S475 and fea­tures a 63.5mm bil­let com­pres­sor wheel, a 0.200-inch map width en­hance­ment groove (MWE), and an 87mm tur­bine wheel in­side a 1.10 A/R ex­haust hous­ing. Boost peaks some­where around 57 psi dur­ing the course of a pull.

 Know­ing that pow­dered metal rods would never hold up to the kind of power he planned to make, Zach Green ditched the fac­tory 7.3L Power Stroke in his ’02 F-250 in fa­vor of a 150,000-mile forged rod en­gine out of a ’97. While Green made the manda­tory up­grades a 7.3L needs to han­dle high horse­power (stronger pushrods, stiffer valve springs, and head studs), the rest of the long block is 100-per­cent stock.

 Af­ter diesel grav­ity-feeds through a Beans Diesel Per­for­mance sump in the fac­tory tank, it makes its way to this ba­sic com­pe­ti­tion fuel sys­tem from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance. Com­bined with a reg­u­lated re­turn sys­tem from Diesel In­no­va­tions, the Fue­lab 41401 pump sends fuel to the rear of each head, and an ad­justable Fue­lab reg­u­la­tor keeps pres­sure set to 70 psi.

 To get the truck into the 600rwhp range, 300/400 in­jec­tors from Per­for­mance In­jec­tion Sys­tems are em­ployed. The hy­brid in­jec­tors flow 300cc worth of fuel and uti­lize 400% over noz­zles. The oil de­mands of the in­jec­tors are met cour­tesy of a Gen3 high-pres­sure oil pump from Swamp’s Diesel, which mounts above a fac­tory dis­place­ment (17-de­gree) pump.

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