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Forty thou­sand miles in 14 years. Yeah, you could say Andy In­man’s ’97 F-250 is his “baby.” The ul­tra-clean OBS Ford is a rare gem in a world where th­ese trucks are get­ting harder and harder to find—and the fact that it sports late-model Su­per Duty axles and sus­pen­sion makes it even more unique. But this square-bod­ied beauty packs more than late-model run­ning gear—the 7.3L Power Stroke un­der the hood cranks out roughly four times the power it did when it left the fac­tory. The Score Back in 2003, In­man was ea­ger to build a ’94.5-97 Ford. His one stip­u­la­tion was that it had to be a short-bed model with a solid front axle—a truck Ford didn’t build dur­ing this era. Opt­ing to swap a Dana 60 un­der a ¾-ton rather than per­form a short bed con­ver­sion on an F-350, In­man pur­chased his crew cab F-250 in bone stock form and with 113,000 miles on the odometer. Al­most im­me­di­ately, he had the Dana 50 TTB on the scrap pile and a Dana 60 in place. A 4-inch BDS

Sus­pen­sion lift and 35-inch mud ter­rains would fol­low.

600+ HP 7.3L

Af­ter liv­ing in the 400rwhp range for sev­eral years— cour­tesy of a set of 160/30 in­jec­tors, an elec­tric fuel sys­tem, and a Dom­i­na­tor 66 drop-in turbo—in­man has since upped the ante con­sid­er­ably. While the fac­tory forged-rod bot­tom end is still be­ing uti­lized, 300cc, 200% noz­zle hy­brid in­jec­tors from Un­lim­ited Diesel Per­for­mance now sit above each cylin­der. In­man stepped up his high-pres­sure oil game as well, in the form of Full Force Diesel’s dual high-pres­sure oil pump sys­tem. A full com­pe­ti­tion fuel sys­tem from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance en­sures plenty of diesel is al­ways on tap for the hun­gry in­jec­tors.

CFM In­crease

Al­low­ing the 7.3L to breathe bet­ter, In­man in­stalled a T4 turbo mount­ing kit from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance, com­plete with 3-inch in­ter­cooler pipes and in­take plenums. His turbo of choice was a 76mm Borg­warner S400 that was built with streetabil­ity in mind but that

could sup­port north of 650 rwhp if In­man needed it to. The truck’s ex­haust be­gins with a 3-inch Irate down­pipe and tran­si­tions into a fully-welded 5-inch Di­a­mond Eye sys­tem. Stage 3 E4OD

For the trans­mis­sion to han­dle up­ward of 1,200 lb-ft of abuse, In­man turned to nearby Dorsey Diesel for one of that com­pany’s Stage 3 E4ODS. In­cor­po­rat­ing a Torque Con­verter Tech­nol­ogy triple-disc con­verter, bil­let in­put shaft, GPZ clutches, and a mod­i­fied pump and valve body into the build, the four-speed au­to­matic is fit­ted with ar­guably the best af­ter­mar­ket com­po­nents you can buy. Along with the trans­mis­sion, Dorsey Diesel took care of all the truck’s cus­tom tun­ing needs (avail­able via a Hy­dra Chip from Power Hun­gry Per­for­mance). So far, a con­ser­va­tive 2.6 mil­lisec­ond tune al­lowed In­man’s F-250 to clear 626 hp and 1,187 lb-ft on the chas­sis dyno. ’08 Axles & Sus­pen­sion

Most re­cently, In­man im­proved the ride qual­ity of his OBS ten­fold by adding a set of ’08 Su­per Duty axles and sus­pen­sion. Thanks to the help of friend, Johnny

 Aside from a set of Comp Cams 910 springs, Smith Broth­ers chro­moly pushrods, and ARP head studs, the 7.3L Power Stroke in Andy In­man’s ’97 F-250 is com­pletely stock. Thanks to an Irate Diesel Per­for­mance T4 turbo mount, in­ter­cooler pipes (pow­der­coated “Colin Or­ange”), and 3-inch in­take plenums, the 154,000-mile 7.3L makes the most of us­ing an S400 frame tur­bocharger in the val­ley.

 The S476 Borg­warner turbo fea­tures a 76mm com­pres­sor wheel (in­ducer), a street-friendly 83mm tur­bine wheel (ex­ducer), and a 1.10 A/R ex­haust hous­ing. At full tilt, the charger pro­duces 55 psi of boost for the forged-rod V8 to in­gest. An alu­minum in­ter­cooler out of a 7.3L Su­per Duty keeps EGT in check.

t Keep­ing both per­for­mance and reli­a­bil­ity in mind, In­man chose to meet the hy­draulic de­mands of his Un­lim­ited Diesel Per­for­mance 300/200 in­jec­tors with a dual high-pres­sure oil pump sys­tem from Full Force Diesel. A Diesel­site Adren­a­line HPOP re­sides in the fac­tory lo­ca­tion, while a re­man­u­fac­tured Bostech unit dwells just above it.

 Keep­ing the 300/200 hy­brids supplied with plenty of diesel is this re­stric­tion-free, com­pe­ti­tion fuel sys­tem from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance. The race-ready sys­tem em­ploys a top-of-the-line 41401 Fue­lab lift pump and pulls fuel from a Beans Diesel Per­for­mance sump in the tank.

 Af­ter years of sport­ing a solid front axle, 4-inch lift, and leaf springs at all four cor­ners, In­man de­cided to change things up a bit this past spring. Up front, the leaf-sprung Dana 60 would go by the way­side in fa­vor of a Dana 60 out of an ’08 Su­per Duty, com­plete with coil springs and ra­dius arms. And even though a Su­per Duty axle swap sounds in-depth to the lay­man, In­man con­vinced us it was ex­tremely straight­for­ward. “It’s more about tak­ing mea­sure­ments and drilling holes than any­thing else,” he tells us. “And the ra­dius arm brack­ets go all the way up to the front body mounts, so you can’t screw that up.”

 To with­stand up­ward of 1,200 lb-ft of torque, In­man turned to friend Chuck Dorsey of Dorsey Diesel for a bul­let­proof trans­mis­sion. In­man would re­ceive one of Dorsey’s Stage 3 E4ODS, com­plete with a bil­let in­put shaft, mod­i­fied pump and valve body, GPZ clutches, and a Torque Con­verter Tech­nol­ogy triple-disc con­verter. Added in­sur­ance comes by way of a Su­per Duty trans­mis­sion cooler, and shift points can be con­trolled man­u­ally thanks to a cus­tom shift box from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance’s Matt Maier.

t Adding a coil spring, ra­dius arm front sus­pen­sion to an old body style Ford re­sults in a night and day dif­fer­ence in ride qual­ity. A set of 2.0 Per­for­mance Series IFP Fox shocks—spec’d by BDS Sus­pen­sion to work seam­lessly in In­man’s unique ap­pli­ca­tion— com­ple­ment the coil spring front sus­pen­sion.

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