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Pet­tus, the Dana 60 and its re­spec­tive coil spring, ra­dius arm front sus­pen­sion was un­der­neath the truck in two days’ time. While most of the steer­ing com­po­nents from the ’08 donor swapped over, an ’05 steer­ing box was sourced and an ad­justable track bar from BD Diesel was added. An ’08 rear Ster­ling 10.5 and leaf springs would also be in­stalled, re­plac­ing the fac­tory 10.25 unit. Thanks to the Su­per Duty axles and top-of-the-line per­for­mance parts, Andy In­man has ef­fec­tively ush­ered his ul­tra-clean OBS into the mod­ern age—an era where ride com­fort and big horse­power go hand-in-hand.

In the process of com­bin­ing old school looks with a plusher ride and re­spectable horse­power, In­man man­aged to build a work of art that’s also a blast to drive. And given that In­man per­formed all the work at his own fa­cil­ity, Andy’s Garage in Park Hills, Mis­souri, he has the sat­is­fac­tion of say­ing the truck is owner-built.

 Also sourced from an ’08 Su­per Duty, a 10.5 Ster­ling re­placed the fac­tory 10.25 axle out back, along with its re­spec­tive leaf springs. To achieve the stance In­man was af­ter, 3-inch blocks are uti­lized. Also no­tice the Ford Bronco tank, which al­lowed him to do away with the fac­tory sad­dle tanks and (more im­por­tantly) the re­stric­tive fuel se­lec­tor valve when it came time to run the afore­men­tioned high-flow fuel sup­ply sys­tem from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance.

 While the 10.5-inch ring gear Ster­ling axle was a slight up­grade over the fac­tory 10.25 unit, In­man knew it would still be sus­cep­ti­ble to tor­ren­tial axle wrap with the power he planned to make. To keep the axle from ro­tat­ing and the leaf springs from twist­ing, he had nearby Tube Works Fab­ri­ca­tion in Des­loge, Mis­souri, build a set of stout trac­tion bars. The bars at­tach to both the frame and axle via welds.

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