How about vot­ing in­stead of mob-rule ac­tions?

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Dave Weiner's July 4 let­ter ap­par­ently un­der­stands the pro­test­ers' rea­sons to re­move or de­stroy stat­ues, and pin­points on the most con­tro­ver­sial stat­ues. Dave wants con­fed­er­ate stat­ues torn down, an­other writer wants Colum­bus stat­ues torn down. Ap­par­ently there is no need for a vote on re­moval, just mob ac­tion. Now is that Dave's idea of real democ­racy?

Where does the un-elected mob stop? Stat­ues of Wash­ing­ton, Jef­fer­son, even Lin­coln are re­moved now by vi­o­lent mob ac­tion. So­cial War­riors in Port­land are at­tack­ing the Fed­eral Court­house, torch­ing it and at­tack­ing it for days. If the un­elected mob wants that down, and rule of law re­moved is that OK Dave? Mob book burn­ing next?

Dave's think­ing is “Many of us, Democrats and Repub­li­cans, want re­moval of mon­u­ments cel­e­brat­ing cham­pi­ons of slav­ery.” I agree slav­ery is aw­ful, and in many ar­eas such stat­ues have been re­moved by vote. But shall we give in to mob ac­tion? You can prob­a­bly get an­other small mob to vi­o­lently re­move any memo­rial to John Kennedy, Franklin Roo­sevelt or dare I say it Martin Luther King. Is that de­fen­si­ble in your mind too? What about churches not in line with to­day's think­ing, burn them? Is the Guil­lo­tine cur­rently set up at fel­low Demo­crat Jeff Be­zos' home OK?

I like elec­tions. If some­thing is evil, con­vince a ma­jor­ity of it and have it re­moved by elec­tions. Mob ac­tions still re­mind me of the Tal­iban or trav­es­ties like the French Rev­o­lu­tion. Your mob may turn on you Dave!

— BK Brooks, Chico

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