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Best­selling au­thor and renowned dream ex­pert Kelly Sul­li­van Walden de­codes the dreams of four FIRST read­ers. Find the dream that rings a bell for you, then read on to tap into the trans­for­ma­tive power of your sub­con­scious

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“I’m run­ning in slow-mo”

DREAM: “I’m run­ning from a dark fig­ure that’s chas­ing me, but I feel like I’m mov­ing through quick­sand! I wake up in a cold sweat.” —Tif­fany Payne, San Diego WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “Run­ning dreams are trans­for­ma­tive: They show us the part of our­selves we’re avoid­ing. To make the most of this dream, imag­ine your­self stand­ing still, sur­rounded by a pow­er­ful light of pro­tec­tion. Try to pin­point the as­pect of your­self you’re run­ning from: Anger? In­se­cu­rity? If you do this, you’ll find that there is value in the traits you thought were un­ap­peal­ing. For ex­am­ple, your ag­i­ta­tion might be con­fi­dence in dis­guise, push­ing you out of your cu­bi­cle and to­ward a cor­ner of­fice. When you face these things, you’ll see how tal­ented and pow­er­ful you truly are.”

Don’t re­mem­ber your dreams?

Take a mo­ment to no­tice which photo you’re drawn to the most—the one you choose res­onates the strong­est with your sub­con­scious. Then read the anal­y­sis of the dream that goes with that im­age to re­veal use­ful in­sight.

“‘I’m buy­ing ev­ery­thing”

DREAM: “I’m at the gro­cery store, fill­ing my cart with so much de­li­cious food. I’m giddy and laugh­ing as I walk down the aisles. This dream left me feel­ing happy all day.” —Diane Strong, Birm­ing­ham, VA

WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “Shop­ping with a full cart means you’re com­ing into a joy­ful place of full­ness within and you’re aware of the cor­nu­copia of bless­ings avail­able to you. Shop­ping can also sym­bol­ize the new be­liefs you are choos­ing to ‘buy into.’ Ask your­self, Does this sit­u­a­tion (re­la­tion­ship, job, gym, friend­ship) en­er­gize me? If so, great. If not, re­mem­ber you can re­turn it. To get the most bang for your buck from this dream, I ad­vise jot­ting down how you ‘spend’ your time and en­ergy. Med­i­tate on the re­la­tion­ships, cre­ative ven­tures and ide­olo­gies that light you up and en­er­gize you, and fo­cus on those to in­crease the full­ness in your heart.”

“I’m float­ing!”

DREAM: “As I walk down a large stair­case, I re­al­ize I’m walk­ing on air! I float all the way down to the bot­tom and land grace­fully.” —Si­grid Lee, Cleve­land WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “What a lovely dream! Float­ing of­ten means that you are be­ing car­ried by the uni­verse or a di­vine power. It’s also con­nected to the el­e­ment of air, which sym­bol­izes higher thoughts, di­vine in­ter­ven­tion and be­ing in touch with your deeper essence. A dream like this could truly awaken you to a more spir­i­tu­ally en­riched, en­livened, em­pow­ered and re­newed as­pect of your­self. I sug­gest that you take a few min­utes to con­tem­plate the feel­ing of float­ing—that in­cred­i­ble light­ness of be­ing—es­pe­cially when you’re fac­ing a chal­lenge. Re­mem­ber the sen­sa­tion of be­ing car­ried, lifted and sup­ported. This will help give you a fresh per­spec­tive on things, per­haps even a solution to an is­sue you’ve been strug­gling with or the con­fi­dence to feel wor­thy of the best that life has to of­fer.”

“My hus­band is cheat­ing!”

DREAM: “I have this heart-wrench­ing dream that my hus­band is see­ing an­other woman. It feels so real that I wake up dev­as­tated. What does it mean?”

—Janelle Ryan, Philadel­phia

WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “Dreams of cheat­ing can some­times be pre­cog­ni­tive or point to­ward an im­bal­ance in your re­la­tion­ship, but usu­ally they’re sym­bolic of what’s hap­pen­ing within you. From this per­spec­tive, your hus­band rep­re­sents the mas­cu­line, demon­stra­tive as­pect of your­self and the ‘other woman’ rep­re­sents an as­pect of your sen­sual, fem­i­nine self that you haven’t met yet or have for­got­ten about. This dream might be a mes­sage to vow not to ‘cheat’ your­self out of op­por­tu­ni­ties to bol­ster your self-con­fi­dence. As you em­bark on the path of self-dis­cov­ery, re­solve to no longer let your­self be the ‘other woman’ on the back burner in your own life.”

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