Fast fixes for aging blind spots

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We’ve all had it: That ugh mo­ment when we spot a deep wrin­kle that we some­how hadn’t no­ticed be­fore. So we won­dered: What else might we be miss­ing? Here, pros ID sneaky agers—and the easy fixes

Chin hairs? Try sug­ar­ing

Tweez­ing those er­rant chin hairs that seem to pop up overnight is an easy fix, but they grow back so quickly!

In­stead, wax them off with sug­ar­ing. This hair-re­moval method con­tains sugar, honey and lemon to whisk away all the lit­tle strands with­out ir­ri­ta­tion, plus it slows re­growth. FIRST pick: Parissa Roll-On Body Sugar, $20 for 5 oz.,

Chicken skin? Try a scrub

Those tiny red bumps (called ker­ato­sis pi­laris) that creep up on the back of the up­per arms oc­cur when skin pro­duces ex­cess ker­atin around hair fol­li­cles. What can help: a scrub con­tain­ing gly­colic acid, which un­clogs pores and fol­li­cles while slough­ing off dead cells to smooth skin. Use three times a week for results in three weeks. FIRST pick: Nip + Fab Gly­colic Fix Scrub, $10 for 2.5 oz., Wal­

Crepey hands? Try this cream

Dry, wrinkly hands are a tell­tale sign of aging, but you can turn back the clock with mead­ow­foam seed oil. Its fatty acids deeply mois­tur­ize to nour­ish and plump thin skin. Plus, the oil fights sun dam­age to pre­vent new wrin­kles from form­ing. Use twice a day for results in four weeks. FIRST pick: Phi­los­o­phy Hands of Hope Hand and Cu­ti­cle Cream, $10 for 1 oz., Phi­los­o­

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