Can a diet tweak ease hol­i­day stress?

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I’ve been work­ing hard to make ev­ery­thing per­fect for loved ones who will be stay­ing with me dur­ing the hol­i­days, and all the prep and plan­ning has me on edge. Is there a diet tweak to help calm my nerves? A:

Yes! We know all about the pres­sures of hol­i­day to-do’s, and we have a snack­ing strat­egy that helps keep stress in check: Work a small hand­ful of hemp seeds into your daily diet through­out the fes­tive sea­son. These mild nutty gems are rich in min­er­als and nu­tri­ents (in­clud­ing vi­ta­min B6, mag­ne­sium and omega-3 fatty acids) that work syn­er­gis­ti­cally to curb the out­put of the stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol by 51 per­cent, lower blood pres­sure and in­crease the pro­duc­tion of calm­ing brain chem­i­cals. All told, these ef­fects can re­duce ten­sion by 20 per­cent. And as a bonus, hemp seeds are a top source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)—a com­pound that calms in­flam­ma­tion to ease joint pain by 25 per­cent.

For best re­sults, en­joy 2 Tbs. of hemp seeds (usu­ally found in the bulk bin at nat­u­ral-prod­ucts stores) daily— they’re de­li­cious blended into smooth­ies, sprin­kled on oat­meal, sal­ads and soups or sim­ply eaten on their own.

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