“My con­fi­dence is now sky-high!”

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Jessyca woke with a jolt, gasp­ing for air. It felt like a 10-pound weight was press­ing down on her chest. Ex­cess pounds, joint pain, sinus prob­lems, mi­graines, high blood pres­sure… Jessyca’s mind raced as she thought about her growing list of health prob­lems, and a sense of dread grew as her thoughts shifted to her hus­band and daugh­ter. If I don’t do some­thing soon, I’m not go­ing to be here for my fam­ily.

It had got­ten to the point where Jessyca was so em­bar­rassed by her weight that she rarely left the house. “When my daugh­ter would in­vite me to her school, I’d ask my hus­band to go in­stead,” she says. “I was par­a­lyzed by fear and hu­mil­i­a­tion.”

Though her past diet ef­forts had fallen short, Jessyca was de­ter­mined to turn things around. With her hus­band’s sup­port, she started a high-fat

diet to help get the weight off, and af­ter just a few months, she was down 30 pounds.

En­cour­aged by the re­sults, Jessyca de­cided to give in­ter­mit­tent fast­ing a try. Each morn­ing, in­stead of break­fast, she drank cof­fee with but­ter, co­conut oil or heavy cream, which helped her feel sa­ti­ated for hours and al­lowed her to fast for 18 hours al­most every day. “In­ter­mit­tent fast­ing feels so nat­u­ral,”

Jessyca ex­plains. “I never feel de­prived and I only eat when I’m hun­gry, so it doesn’t feel like an ef­fort.”

Now 120 pounds lighter, Jessyca no longer takes med­i­ca­tion for anx­i­ety and her blood pres­sure is nor­mal. “I can fi­nally at­tend my daugh­ter’s school events,” she cheers. “Re­cently, I chap­er­oned her class field trip and had plenty of en­ergy. My life is so much bet­ter now!”

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