NIXES NAP AT­TACKS: A pro­tein-packed lunch

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Every day just af­ter lunch, your body’s en­ergy en­gines (mi­to­chon­dria) slow the con­ver­sion of calo­ries into adeno­sine triphos­phate (ATP), your main form of en­ergy. The re­sult? Af­ter­noon sleepy spells. But you can cut post-lunch drag­gies by as much as 67 per­cent by adding 3 oz. of pro­tein (like tuna, chicken, cheese or eggs) to your mid­day meal, say Cana­dian sci­en­tists. That’s be­cause pro­tein revs the mi­to­chon­drial genes that pro­duce ATP, pre­vent­ing af­ter­noon en­ergy lulls so you stay in­vig­o­rated and clear­headed.

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