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“A few months ago, I took my 5-year-old grand­daugh­ter, Lizzie, to Dis­ney World for the first time. She had never been on a plane and she chat­tered with ex­cite­ment as we boarded. Af­ter we took our seats, a but­toned-up busi­ness­man set­tled into the seat next to us. Soon, he was deeply en­grossed in a spread­sheet on his lap­top and I wor­ried that Lizzie’s en­thu­si­as­tic ques­tions and con­stant chat­ter would dis­turb his work.

“Once in the air, the cabin pres­sure hurt Lizzie’s ears and she be­gan to cry. As I des­per­ately tried to pacify her, the man in the suit sud­denly turned his lap­top to­ward Lizzie. ‘This is my fa­vorite movie,’ he said with a wink, pulling up Frozen. ‘Do you want to watch it with me?’ She beamed and nod­ded hap­pily.

“The rest of the flight was filled with all three of us singing qui­etly. Once off the plane, I hugged him and as he van­ished into the crowd, I said a prayer of thanks for the stranger who showed us just how warm his heart truly was—by singing

Frozen.” —Marie Bab­cock, 55, Sa­van­nah

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