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Best­selling au­thor and renowned dream ex­pert Kelly Sul­li­van Walden de­codes the dreams of four FIRST read­ers.

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“A hand­some man saves me”

DREAM: “I’m in a bad neigh­bor­hood when a hand­some man takes my hand and says, ‘It’s too dan­ger­ous for you to go alone.’ When gun­fire breaks out, he cre­ates a force field around us and says, ‘You’re safe now. I’ll see you in the morn­ing.’” —El­iza Katz, At­lanta

WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “If you’re ever go­ing through a tough time, this dream is re­as­sur­ing you that a higher en­ergy will help you nav­i­gate. The man say­ing, ‘I’ll see you in the morn­ing’ sym­bol­izes two things to me: Morn­ing can be word­play for ‘mourn­ing,’ as in, ‘I’ll be there for you when you mourn.’ Are you griev­ing some­thing or some­one? But morn­ing is also when the sun comes out, and he’s say­ing, ‘I’m with you in dark times and in the light.’ Rest as­sured this dream is meant to be com­fort­ing, es­pe­cially when life gets rocky.”

“I’m stuck in a theme park!”

DREAM: “I’m at an amuse­ment park with my grand­daugh­ters and they don’t want to leave. When I fi­nally con­vince them it’s time to go, we can’t find the exit. We search for hours but can’t get out.”

—Con­nie Eil­ers, Napa, CA

WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “Dreams that take place in an amuse­ment park tend to re­flect our re­la­tion­ship with joy, di­ver­sion and our play­ful spirit. And your dream also touches your ‘in­sa­tia­bil­ity’ but­ton: Your grand­daugh­ters can’t get enough fun, and you can’t please them as much as you’d like. This has roots in the lie we tell our­selves that we are not enough. I sug­gest us­ing this dream as an in­vi­ta­tion to exit your inner emo­tional roller coaster with re­gards to ar­eas of your life where you feel lack­ing, whether that’s at work or with loved ones. When you know where the stop but­ton is on self­crit­i­cism, you can find true amuse­ment that el­e­vates you and every­one else in an up­ward spi­ral of joy.”

“A stal­lion smiles at me”

DREAM: “I hear the clop­ping of some­thing com­ing up be­hind me, get­ting closer and closer, and I try to move out of the way. Sud­denly the noise stops, I turn around and there’s a gi­ant horse giv­ing me a huge toothy grin.” —Nancy Smith, Colum­bus, OH WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “In many dreams in­volv­ing the dreamer try­ing to evade an ‘en­emy,’ the thing we are avoid­ing fre­quently turns out to be an ally in dis­guise. Have you been hav­ing a hard time sad­dling up to how amaz­ing, ca­pa­ble, tal­ented and strong you are lately? Have you been hid­ing your light? If so, this dream is telling you it’s time to har­ness your wild, un­bri­dled strength and con­nect with your per­sonal pas­sion and ap­petite for free­dom. This horse could be your ‘power’ an­i­mal, and by giv­ing you a huge toothy grin, he is try­ing to re­mind you of your own mag­nif­i­cence and mo­ti­vat­ing you to seize all op­por­tu­ni­ties that come your way.”

“I’m al­ways late!”

DREAM: “I’m very punc­tual, yet in my dreams, I’m the one run­ning late…for ev­ery­thing! I wake up feel­ing ex­tremely anx­ious.” —Celia Cook, Seat­tle

WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “Dreams of be­ing late can re­flect your fear of be­ing ill-equipped for a task. As stress­ful as they can be, they’re ac­tu­ally a bless­ing be­cause they keep you bring­ing your A-game. But this dream can also be about be­ing ‘late’ in an­other way. Is there a place in your life where you feel like a late bloomer? Do you drag your feet when mak­ing de­ci­sions? Maybe you’re just late in re­al­iz­ing that you’re per­fect as you are? I sug­gest re­view­ing your dreams for why you’re late: Do you get dis­tracted? De­railed by some­one? Then imag­ine you take ac­tion so you stay on track. No­tice how good you feel, then take a deep breath to re­lease any pres­sure that may be slow­ing you down in your wak­ing life.”

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