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As they walked through the amuse­ment park, An­nie Gid­dens’ sons begged her to go on the rides with them. But since she ex­ceeded the weight limit, all she could do was wait for them by the exit of each ride. An­nie hated miss­ing out—not only be­cause she loves roller coast­ers but be­cause she couldn’t share the ex­pe­ri­ence with them. Think­ing about how her own fa­ther had passed away due to weight-re­lated dis­eases when he was just 42, An­nie be­gan to sob.

I need to make changes. My kids need me!

Ex­cess weight had caused An­nie’s health to spi­ral down­ward. She had al­ready been di­ag­nosed with pre­di­a­betes and was tak­ing Met­formin to con­trol her blood sugar. Most alarm­ing was her di­ag­no­sis of in­tracra­nial

hy­per­ten­sion, a neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­or­der that causes fluid pres­sure in the skull. As a re­sult, An­nie suf­fered from headaches and hem­or­rhages, and the swelling in her eyes af­fected her vi­sion. “My doc­tors said I might have to have a shunt im­planted to drain the fluid.”

Des­per­ate to im­prove her health, An­nie signed up for Weight Watch­ers and worked with a per­sonal trainer. She shed 150 pounds— but then her weight loss stalled and she ac­tu­ally re­gained 55 pounds. In­stead of giv­ing up, An­nie joined CrossFit, and one of the coaches told her about in­ter­mit­tent fast­ing. She de­cided to try it.

Ev­ery day, An­nie fasted for about 17 hours, drink­ing cof­fee with co­conut oil to tide her over. Dur­ing her eating win­dow, An­nie ate plenty and never felt de­prived. The weight melted off, her pre­di­a­betes re­versed and she was no longer plagued by in­tracra­nial hy­per­ten­sion. “I felt amaz­ing! I was even able to start com­pet­ing in

CrossFit events!”

Today, 219 pounds lighter,

An­nie is healthy and present for her kids. “We work out to­gether now,” she cheers. “And when we took a trip to an amuse­ment park, I went on all the rides with my kids. Now we can do so much to­gether and I feel so much closer to them!”

THEN: 400 lbs An­nie Gid­dens, 43, Fort Wayne, IN Height: 5'10"

NOW: 181 lbs

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