This rice swap cuts your risk by 80%

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Sim­ply fa­vor­ing white over brown rice can ward off toxin over­load. Ex­perts ex­plain that rice ab­sorbs 10 times more ar­senic from the soil than other crops, mak­ing it a top source of toxin ex­po­sure. But 80 per­cent of that ar­senic ac­cu­mu­lates in the outer lay­ers of the rice, which are re­moved when brown rice is re­fined into white. For a truly healthy pick, check the la­bel and choose white rice grown in Cal­i­for­nia—ac­cord­ing to a Con­sumer Re­ports anal­y­sis, it has half the ar­senic as white rice grown else­where.

Even bet­ter: A cook­ing tweak can elim­i­nate an­other 65 per­cent of ar­senic in rice, re­searchers re­port in the Jour­nal of En­vi­ron­men­tal Mon­i­tor­ing. Sim­ply rinse the grains well, then use a 6:1 wa­ter-to-rice ra­tio to boil the rice un­til soft; dis­card the wa­ter. Study au­thor An­drea Raab, Ph.D., ex­plains that ar­senic leaches into the wa­ter as rice is boiled, and opt­ing for a high vol­ume of wa­ter helps en­sure the rice doesn’t re­ab­sorb the toxin as it cooks.

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