Me­tab­o­lism rev­o­lu­tion

Can sim­ply shift­ing your calo­ries ev­ery day “con­fuse” your me­tab­o­lism into burn­ing fat faster? Yes!

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Defy your set point and drop 7 pounds a week!

Talk about di­et­ing frus­tra­tion! You think you’re do­ing ev­ery­thing right—big sal­ads for lunch, skip­ping dessert, turn­ing down that sec­ond glass of wine when you’re out with the girls…but for some rea­son, the pounds refuse to budge. If you’ve ever won­dered if your me­tab­o­lism is sim­ply bro­ken, you’re not alone, says Haylie Pom­roy, a nutri­tion­ist with more than 20 years of clin­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence. “When women come into my of­fice, they have of­ten tried ev­ery­thing they can think of—from ex­treme to slow-and-steady di­ets,” says Pom­roy, who’s helped celebri­ties in­clud­ing Cher, Reese Wither­spoon and Jen­nifer Lopez get into red-car­pet shape. “The most com­mon thing they tell me is that they be­lieve they have a ‘set point’ and won’t be able to get be­low it. Some tell me they think they must have per­ma­nently dam­aged their me­tab­o­lism.

“You can speed up me­tab­o­lism while

pro­vid­ing the body with what it needs to achieve glow­ing health.”

—Haylie Pom­roy

I say non­sense. Your me­tab­o­lism is not pre­pro­grammed with a de­fault num­ber.” So why do so many of us strug­gle?

Break­through sci­ence from the Na­tional In­sti­tutes of Health re­veals that strict di­et­ing slows me­tab­o­lism, mak­ing it two times harder to slim. The prob­lem stems from the fact that many struc­tured pro­grams pre­scribe sig­nif­i­cant calo­rie re­stric­tion with a set list of “ac­cept­able” foods—and th­ese rigid rules push the body into a rut. Weight-loss ex­pert Mike Moreno, M.D., ex­plains, “If the body sees the same foods and the same calo­rie count day in, day out, it be­comes ef­fi­cient at uti­liz­ing in­com­ing calo­ries.” Know­ing ex­actly how much en­ergy it needs to per­form its daily func­tions, the body burns just enough calo­ries to keep its sys­tems go­ing and stores the rest as fat for a pos­si­ble emer­gency. What’s more, it takes only 21 days of a reg­i­mented rou­tine for the body to adapt in this way. “We tend to think of ef­fi­ciency as a good thing,” says Dr. Moreno, “but in me­tab­o­lism, it can hurt you by mak­ing calo­rie burn less op­ti­mal.”

Com­pound­ing the prob­lem:

When stub­born pounds won’t budge, many of us cut calo­ries even more. “Low-calo­rie di­ets are stress­ful for the body—they drive up the pro­duc­tion of cor­ti­sol and end up pack­ing on fat,” ex­plains Pom­roy. “I know from ex­pe­ri­ence that tak­ing away food to lose weight sim­ply doesn’t work.” In­deed, this de­pri­va­tion pulls us deeper into the vi­cious cy­cle of stress and weight gain. “It cre­ates a neg­a­tive spi­ral of meta­bolic dys­func­tion,” Pom­roy says. “You ex­pe­ri­ence it as weight gain and low en­ergy.”

To help women break free from this fat trap, Pom­roy dug into the lat­est meta­bolic sci­ence and ze­roed in on a novel strat­egy. Her twopronged ap­proach floods the body with abun­dance to pro­vide slim­ming nu­tri­ents that may have been missed dur­ing re­stric­tive di­et­ing. “I’m al­ways look­ing to­ward food as the way to heal the me­tab­o­lism,” she says. In tan­dem, she sug­gests shift­ing macronu­tri­ent ra­tios through­out the week so some days are higher in carbs while oth­ers are higher in pro­tein or fat. Dr. Moreno ex­plains why this is so ef­fec­tive: “When the body is stuck at a plateau, you have to chal­lenge it, phys­i­cally and metabol­i­cally. You have to con­fuse it to lose it.” That’s be­cause when the body has no idea when or what the next meal is, it can’t run me­tab­o­lism ef­fi­ciently; it has to burn ev­ery­thing in case more food is com­ing in soon. This sets the stage for ef­fort­less weight loss.

The plan works fast—and the slim­ming re­sults get bet­ter with time. “You’ll blow past his­tor­i­cal ‘set points’ to van­quish those stub­born pounds,” prom­ises Pom­roy. Women fol­low­ing Pom­roy’s plan lose up to a pound ev­ery day—and the im­pres­sive re­sults are am­pli­fied over the long-term. “Once we shake up your me­tab­o­lism, it will burn hot­ter and stronger,” she ex­plains. This ef­fect helped women FIRST spoke to lose weight in record time—and keep it off for years! To re­boot your me­tab­o­lism, take the quiz at right, then read on for the strate­gies that slim.

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