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Best­selling au­thor and renowned dream ex­pert Kelly Sul­li­van Walden de­codes the dreams of four FIRST read­ers.

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“I jumped into a lake”

DREAM: “I’m peer­ing into a gor­geous lake. I want to jump in, but I’m too scared. Fi­nally, I muster the courage and take the plunge. I see glo­ri­ous rays of light and I wake up so grate­ful!” —Nan Owens, At­lanta WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “In dreams, water sym­bol­izes your fem­i­nine, emo­tional, in­tu­itive and spir­i­tual side. For many of us prag­matic gals who al­ways take care of busi­ness, it’s a ter­ri­fy­ing no­tion to in­dulge in such ‘frivolous­ness.’ Yet it seems your dream is telling you that not only is it safe, the re­wards are im­mense if you dare to rock the boat and dive in. The tell­tale sign that you did the right thing by jump­ing in was be­ing re­warded with a stun­ning light show, which rep­re­sents en­light­en­ment. If I were you, I’d try med­i­tat­ing or jour­nal­ing on how indulging in a swim in your deeper wa­ters (i.e. your spir­i­tu­al­ity, deeper feel­ings, in­ner guid­ance) could ben­e­fit you. Such a leap of faith can re­ally pay off!”

“I’m 56...and preg­nant!”

DREAM: “I’m well past my child-bear­ing years yet I keep dream­ing I’m preg­nant. I feel so phys­i­cally awk­ward that I trip and al­most fall, then I’m ter­ri­fied I’ll lose the baby!” —Denise Green­blatt, Lin­coln, NE

WHAT IT’S TELLING YOU: “Dream­ing of preg­nancy sig­ni­fies that you may be feel­ing ripe with cre­ative pos­si­bil­i­ties. It could be a wake-up call, alert­ing you to make room for your­self by step­ping up your self-care reg­i­men. If this dream could speak, I be­lieve it would tell you to honor what­ever new idea or project you are cur­rently cul­ti­vat­ing by treat­ing your­self like you are pre­cious. My ad­vice: Try your best not to worry about the lit­tle things that don’t go your way, and don’t get too far ahead of your­self be­cause this project needs for you to be in the present mo­ment while you take baby steps to­ward the ful­fill­ment of your wak­ing dream.”

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