10 bril­liant uses for clear lip balm

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1 Eas­ily thread a nee­dle

When it comes to sewing, some­times thread­ing the nee­dle is the most dif­fi­cult part! To make the task a cinch, cut a piece of thread to the de­sired length, then coat one end with clear lip balm. The prod­uct will stiffen the thread so it glides through the eye of the nee­dle with ease.

2 Make a scratched DVD watch­able

Argh! The fam­ily movie you picked up at the li­brary is scratched and it keeps skip­ping. The quick fix: Rub lip balm over any scratches, then buff with a soft, clean cloth. The wax in the balm will fill in any nicks while buff­ing will re­move dirt and oil from the sur­face of the disc.

3 Peel off a stub­born price tag

The serv­ing plat­ter you bought for tonight’s din­ner party has a gi­ant price sticker on the bot­tom that won’t come off. What can help: Smear lip balm over the tag and let it sit for 10 min­utes. Oils in the balm will dis­solve the sticker’s ad­he­sive so you can peel it off in one piece.

4 Rust-proof gar­den shears

To en­sure the gar­den shears you picked up at an end-of-sea­son sale stay rust-free, reach for an old tube of lip balm. Care­fully rub a thin layer of the prod­uct on the blades be­fore stor­ing the tool for the win­ter. The balm will cre­ate a pro­tec­tive coat­ing that blocks rust-caus­ing mois­ture.

5 Keep a pup’s cut from bleed­ing

Oops! Buster wig­gled while you were trim­ming his nails, and now he’s got a tiny nick on his paw. To stop the bleed­ing, cover the cut with a small amount of lip balm. The wax will seal the skin and help the blood clot. (Just be sure to con­tact your vet­eri­nar­ian if the bleed­ing per­sists.)

6 Get a fire go­ing in a flash

You’ll be co­zied up by the fire in no time with this easy trick: Coat a few cot­ton balls with lip balm, then set them on the logs in the fire­place and light. The wax in the balm will ig­nite quickly and burn long enough for the logs to catch.

7 Re­move makeup on the go

You’re in tears af­ter watch­ing the sweet video of a sol­dier’s home­com­ing that your sis­ter posted on Face­book, and your mas­cara is smudged. To re­move the makeup in sec­onds, rub your fin­ger on the tip of a tube of lip balm, then wipe at the smudges un­der your eyes. Oils in the balm will lift the mas­cara with­out tak­ing off the rest of your makeup.

8 Slide off a too-tight ring

You for­got to re­move your ring be­fore your morn­ing walk, and now your fin­gers are swollen and it won’t come off! To get it to glide off your fin­ger, coat the skin around the jew­elry with lip balm. Then slowly move the ring up to­ward your fin­ger­tip. The waxy sub­stance will cut down on fric­tion be­tween the ring and your skin, al­low­ing you to wig­gle the ring off— with­out dam­ag­ing the metal.

9 En­sure draw­ers glide smoothly

If your dresser draw­ers tend to get stuck ev­ery time you open and close them, try this: Re­move the draw­ers that are giv­ing you grief and rub the tracks on both sides with a gen­er­ous amount of lip balm, then rein­sert and open and close the drawer a few times. The slick wax will lu­bri­cate the tracks so the draw­ers work prop­erly. Prob­lem solved!

10 Elim­i­nate hat hair in sec­onds

Your new knit hat looks great when you wear it, but as soon as you take it off, you’re left with fly­aways! To tame them, rub some lip balm on your fin­ger­tips, then work through the ends of your hair. The con­di­tion­ing balm will mois­tur­ize hair and neu­tral­ize static.

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