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Revo­lu­tion­ary in­sights into the cause of thy­roid is­sues sug­gest that a virus may be to blame for gland slow­downs in 95% of women. Dis­cover the plan that re­vi­tal­izes health!

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As sci­en­tists work to de­velop the lat­est “mir­a­cle drug” to help the mil­lions of us bat­tling thy­roid is­sues, women from coast to coast are re­port­ing their own mir­a­cle—a plan that has freed them from tiredness and stub­born pounds. It doesn’t come in a pill—it doesn’t even come from a med­i­cal doc­tor. Yet thou­sands of women and their doc­tors swear by it. The man be­hind the plan: An­thony Wil­liam, au­thor of the wildly pop­u­lar book series Med­i­cal Medium (in­clud­ing his lat­est in­stall­ment, Thy­roid Healing), who says a voice (which he calls the “spirit of com­pas­sion”) tells him cut­ting-edge health in­for­ma­tion.

It may be un­con­ven­tional, but it’s caught the at­ten­tion of the med­i­cal com­mu­nity. “Ev­ery time I read one of An­thony Wil­liam’s books…I learn some­thing new—some­thing that rings true that they don’t yet teach in med­i­cal school,” says Chris­tiane

Northrup, M.D., au­thor of Dodg­ing En­ergy Vam­pires. “I ac­tu­ally ap­ply a great deal of what I’ve learned to my own life.” One new thing doc­tors are learn­ing about: thy­roid virus as a cause of chronic health is­sues.

What is thy­roid virus? Wil­liam con­tends that an un­re­ported epi­demic of the Ep­stein-Barr virus (EBV) is be­hind nearly all thy­roid prob­lems— he’s dubbed this the “thy­roid virus.” Best known as the cause of mononu­cle­o­sis (aka “the kiss­ing dis­ease”), EBV is com­mon—95% of adults are in­fected, ac­cord­ing to the Na­tional In­sti­tutes of Health. But un­like other viruses that run their course and go away, EBV re­mains dor­mant in the body af­ter in­fec­tion.

At any time, the virus can re­ac­ti­vate and turn into chronic EBV. Main­stream doc­tors ac­knowl­edge that this does hap­pen but say it’s rare. Wil­liam, on the other hand, feels the es­tab­lish­ment un­der­es­ti­mates how dam­ag­ing EBV is. His be­lief: EBV can at­tack the liver, then move into the thy­roid, dis­rupt­ing the gland’s abil­ity to make hor­mones. Since com­mon blood tests don’t de­tect EBV, doc­tors con­clude the prob­lem is with the thy­roid it­self. This, he ar­gues, leads to a di­ag­no­sis that is all wrong: a thy­roid prob­lem, not a vi­ral prob­lem.

Left un­treated, the virus con­tin­ues to dam­age the thy­roid and or­gans, Wil­liam says, pulling women into a health spi­ral that can lead to a range of symp­toms, in­clud­ing hair loss, fa­tigue and weight gain. These symp­toms are largely un­re­lated to the thy­roid, he adds. In­stead, they’re mostly due to the virus. Un­der­ac­tive (or overactive) thy­roid is just one more symp­tom of EBV.

Re­searchers have be­gun look­ing into the EBV/thy­roid con­nec­tion, and sci­ence shows there is a link. In 2015, a team from Slo­vakia found signs of EBV in thy­roid sam­ples from 81% of cases with Hashimoto’s dis­ease (an au­toim­mune disorder that can cause hy­pothy­roidism). In 2016, Pol­ish sci­en­tists con­cluded there’s enough ev­i­dence to sug­gest EBV plays a role in au­toim­mune thy­roid dis­eases. And in 2018, sci­en­tists at Cincin­nati Chil­dren’s Hos­pi­tal linked EBV to at least seven con­di­tions, high­light­ing the pos­si­bil­ity that it plays a much larger role in dis­ease.

That’s led doc­tors to change the way they ap­proach thy­roid prob­lems. An­drew Len­hardt, M.D., a func­tional medicine prac­ti­tioner and pro­fes­sor at Tufts Uni­ver­sity, says he now tests for EBV in some pa­tients. “Does [EBV] have the po­ten­tial to be im­por­tant rel­a­tive to thy­roid dys­func­tion, Hashimoto’s, chronic fa­tigue, fi­bromyal­gia and other is­sues? There’s no doubt in my mind,” he says. “The next ques­tion, which for me is the hard­est, is how do we man­age it?”

A big part of re­cov­ery is build­ing im­mu­nity, ex­perts say, and im­mune sup­port is also key to pre­ven­tion— when the im­mune sys­tem is com­pro­mised, the body may be more sus­cep­ti­ble to the virus. The good news: Women all over the world are say­ing Wil­liam’s plan can help. Read on for their in­sights—and for the easy how-to that’s work­ing won­ders!

“Does [a virus] have the po­ten­tial to be im­por­tant rel­a­tive to thy­roid dys­func­tion? There’s no doubt in my mind.”

—An­drew Len­hardt, M.D.

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