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These remedies work in less than 30 days to give you whiter teeth— yet an­other rea­son to smile in all of your hol­i­day pho­tos!

For mild stains

To re­move the light stains that cause sub­tle dis­col­oration around the gum­line and be­tween teeth, brush with an ac­ti­vated char­coal pow­der. Char­coal helps lift the pig­ment par­ti­cles that get left on teeth from cof­fee, tea and wine. Plus, it buffs away any yel­low­ing plaque on teeth.

Use twice a day for re­sults in one week.

FIRST pick: Ac­tive Wow

Ac­ti­vated Co­conut Char­coal

Pow­der, $20, Tar­

For mod­er­ate stains

Gen­tly nix the stains that cover the top layer of enamel with co­conut oil and sea salt strips. The oil pulls em­bed­ded stains from the tooth’s sur­face while the salt’s mag­ne­sium strength­ens enamel so teeth are more re­sis­tant to stains. Use daily for re­sults in five days.

FIRST pick: Lu­mineux

Oral Es­sen­tials

Whiten­ing Strips, $38,


For se­vere stains

A “power whiten­ing” treat­ment that com­bines bleach­ing per­ox­ide with an LED light can com­bat deep dis­col­oration. The light ac­ti­vates in­gre­di­ents in the whiten­ing gel so it pen­e­trates into enamel to break up the heavy-duty stains. Use once a day for re­sults in 10 days.

FIRST pick: Au­raGlow

Teeth Whiten­ing Kit,

$47, Wal­

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