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For many who have bat­tled health is­sues for years, the plan An­thony Wil­liam out­lines in Med­i­cal Medium: Thy­roid Healing (Hay House, 2017) is like an an­swered prayer. Take Adri­enne Jones, 36, a mom of four from Su­gar Land, Texas, who suf­fered hair loss, weight gain and ex­treme fa­tigue—the kind that had her fall­ing asleep at the din­ner ta­ble. Di­ag­noses of Hashimoto’s, rheuma­toid arthri­tis and pre­di­a­betes led to new meds and new di­ets. Noth­ing helped. “One day I Googled ‘med­i­cal mys­tery doc­tor,’ and Wil­liam’s book came up,” Adri­enne shares. She im­ple­mented his ad­vice, and her progress was fast. “My doc­tor said, ‘I don’t know what you’re do­ing, but keep it up!’”

Brandy Vil­lareal can re­late. “The pounds just started drop­ping off,” says the 38-year-old from Hous­ton. In three weeks, she lost 30 pounds!

Word of such suc­cess spread to women around the globe—like Anika Pi­est, 31, from Ger­many, who found relief from slow thy­roid, tin­ni­tus, GI is­sues, de­pres­sion and pain. To­day she’s down 45 pounds and tests show no sign of Hashimoto’s or hy­pothy­roidism. Says Anika, “The doc­tor called that a mir­a­cle!”

In a nut­shell, Wil­liam calls for filling up on an­tivi­ral, thy­roid-healing, im­mu­nity-boost­ing foods like raw nuts, fruit and veg­gies, while avoid­ing eggs, dairy, gluten, canola oil, soy, corn and pork (which he says fuel viruses). His pro­gram also fea­tures three 30-day plans. As he ex­plains when he de­tails the plans in his book: “Each month, pick which of the three 30-day plans to fol­low based on your needs, re­sources and sched­ule. Es­sen­tially, it’s mix and match.” You can start with the one that tar­gets your top con­cerns, then cy­cle to the oth­ers—or re­peat one for 90 days and be­yond, if de­sired. As al­ways, con­sult a doc­tor be­fore start­ing any new diet.

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