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Ex­perts are is­su­ing a cau­tion to the two-thirds of women who drink cof­fee daily: “Cof­fee is one of the top sources of my­co­tox­ins, a health-sapping sub­stance pro­duced by mold,” says Sara Got­tfried, M.D., au­thor of Younger. When in­gested, my­co­tox­ins im­pair cel­lu­lar en­ergy out­put and trig­ger in­flam­ma­tion that leads to fa­tigue, fog and al­lergy-like symp­toms, Dr. Got­tfried says. Most doc­tors don’t know about my­co­tox­ins in cof­fee, she adds, so women go un­di­ag­nosed.

Risk of toxic over­load is on the rise. Ex­perts say hot, wet weather like we had this sum­mer en­cour­ages mold growth, so our cof­fee may be more con­tam­i­nated with my­co­tox­ins. Plus, the neg­a­tive ef­fects in­crease as my­co­tox­ins ac­cu­mu­late in the body, so we may feel the ef­fects more as we age. Adds Jill Car­na­han, M.D.: “Toxic bur­den is the big­gest cause of de­clin­ing health to­day.”

A new blood test (GPL-My­coTox) mea­sures my­co­toxin lev­els. But since stud­ies show nearly 100% of peo­ple test pos­i­tive, the tips be­low can help you detox and min­i­mize fu­ture ex­po­sure.

Try ac­ti­vated char­coal made from co­conut. It ab­sorbs im­pu­ri­ties so they can be flushed from the body, says Dr. Got­tfried, who sug­gests tak­ing a 500-mg. cap­sule with a glass of wa­ter be­tween meals up to three times daily.

Make a cof­fee swap. The ben­e­fits of cof­fee are proven: It cuts the risk of di­a­betes by 35%, liver can­cer by 40% and heart dis­ease by 20%. So rather than pour­ing the perks down the drain, switch to the dark-roast ver­sion of your fa­vorite blend—roast­ing de­stroys up to 97% of tox­ins. Or for a my­co­toxin-free pick, try Bul­let­proof or Pu­rity Or­ganic.

Also smart: Drink a mug of hibis­cus tea daily—its rich stores of an­tiox­i­dants neu­tral­ize my­co­tox­ins.

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