Sav­ing To­day’s Over­whelmed Teens with Love, Laugh­ter, and the Sci­ence of Re­silience

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Michael J. Bradley, AMACOM, Hard­cover $17.95 (288pp), 978-0-8144-3805-3

It takes a sense of hu­mor and a great deal of de­ter­mi­na­tion to raise a teenager. Dr. Michael J. Bradley, has an abun­dance of both.

Part one of the book dis­cusses the en­vi­ron­men­tal stres­sors that ex­ist for mod­ern teens, far more than ex­isted for pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions. It also pro­vides in­for­ma­tion on how the brain is de­vel­op­ing and ex­plains why changes in mood or even per­son­al­ity can be so fast and un­ex­pected. Part two be­gins the process of teach­ing par­ents to build strate­gies for help­ing their teen cope with this dif­fi­cult time in life. Fi­nally, part three looks at spe­cific be­hav­ioral is­sues such as act­ing out, us­ing drugs, and hat­ing school, with the dos and don’ts of han­dling each is­sue.

Hon­esty is of­fered in gen­er­ous doses along with a great deal of wis­dom in this book: “In the best of times we’re never sure if we’re re­ally do­ing the best of things. In the worst of times we’re pos­i­tive that we’re do­ing the worst of things.” The au­thor is a psy­chol­o­gist who has worked with teenagers, and is also a par­ent. The book strikes a good bal­ance be­tween aca­demic the­ory, the prac­ti­cal ad­vice of a sea­soned ther­a­pist, and the some­times painful re­al­ity of a par­ent who has been in the trenches. The con­tent is laid out in a log­i­cal man­ner, start­ing with sci­ence and the­ory and moving through gen­eral parenting tac­tics and fi­nally end­ing with how to han­dle unique sit­u­a­tions. It is laced through­out with hu­mor and of­fers a great deal of hope.

Crazy-stressed is sim­ply ex­cel­lent. Those lucky enough to read it will likely find that they are able to use the in­for­ma­tion it con­tains to make the teen years less stress­ful for both teens and par­ents. It can help par­ents raise their teens to be re­silient adults who can bet­ter han­dle life’s in­evitable dif­fi­cul­ties. Crazy-stressed, by

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