Dis­cover How to Use Dream­work, Med­i­ta­tion, and Jour­nal­ing to Sleep Deeply and Wake Up Well

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Tzivia Gover, Storey Pub­lish­ing (DE­CEM­BER) Soft­cover $16.95 (192pp), 978-1-61212-882-5

As a child, Tzivia Gover was afraid of the dark; even with her door open and the hall lights on, she had dif­fi­culty fall­ing asleep. Once asleep, she was haunted by night­mares. Now, hav­ing learned to turn and face her fears, she writes that her dreams have be­come al­lies that bring beauty, wis­dom, and love into her life.

Gover ex­plores sleep, dreams, and wak­ing as a con­tin­u­ous process in which each state of con­scious­ness con­trib­utes to a mean­ing­ful, healthy, and joy­ful life. She sug­gests we be­gin deal­ing with our sleep is­sues by treat­ing our­selves as gen­tly as we would a small child—ask­ing our­selves what might bring us com­fort. Maybe a soft blan­ket and sleep­wear that ca­resses the skin, sooth­ing mu­sic, or re­lax­ing read­ing would do the trick. And no, your lap­top is not a teddy bear. Elec­tronic de­vices “emit a glow that in­ter­feres with mela­tonin pro­duc­tion, in­hibit­ing our nat­u­ral rhythms of sleep and wak­ing,” she writes.

Gover sug­gests turn­ing your bed­room into a “worry-free zone”—a sanc­tu­ary that nour­ishes all the senses. To en­cour­age ex­plo­ration of the mys­te­ri­ous world of sleep and dreams, she rec­om­mends keep­ing a jour­nal nearby (a soft night-light will keep you from be­ing blasted into full wake­ful­ness as you write); for en­cour­age­ment, she pro­vides brief jour­nal­ing ex­er­cises and prompts.

Gover’s ap­proach to sleep and to wak­ing up, both lit­er­ally and metaphor­i­cally, is gen­tle, in­sight­ful, and mind­ful. Her beau­ti­fully de­signed book is packed with up-to-date re­search and in­for­ma­tion on dream in­ter­pre­ta­tion, jour­nal­ing, nav­i­gat­ing night­mares, lu­cid dream­ing, and cre­ative ap­proaches to sleep prob­lems, but it’s also a sweet, ten­der book. Gift it to some­one you love—it will touch the re­cip­i­ent’s heart, and may help him or her en­joy many nights of deep, rest­ful sleep.

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