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Thomas Locke’s sci­ence fic­tion strad­dles the line be­tween tragic and comedic, strik­ing a per­fect bal­ance.

Rene­gades, by Thomas Locke, is a sci-fi ad­ven­ture with a cav­al­cade of dis­tinct char­ac­ters and well-de­scribed ac­tion. Among the hu­mor and sor­row, a true com­ing-of-age story emerges within a ga­lac­tic con­flict that threat­ens the very fab­ric of the uni­verse.

Sean and Dil­lon are twins from a back­wa­ter planet. They have spe­cial abil­i­ties of tran­sit, a rare form of tele­por­ta­tion rarely seen within the Hu­man Assem­bly. Both at­tend the Academy, where they hope to hone their abil­i­ties and use them to main­tain ga­lac­tic peace. How­ever, af­ter the twins are im­pris­oned for trumped-up charges, they must de­cide which side they want to throw their lots in with for the com­ing con­flict.

At a dis­tant out­post, a young mil­i­tary leader from a dis­graced blood­line pos­sesses the unique abil­ity to sense oth­ers with tran­sit abil­i­ties. Although this power has been out­lawed for as long as any­one can re­mem­ber, Lo­gan col­lects these “ghost-walk­ers” and brings them to­gether for a risky mis­sion that could change the pub­lic’s opin­ion to­ward them.

Rene­gades has many ele­ments of a clas­sic com­ing-of-age story, par­tic­u­larly seen in Lo­gan and Dil­lon, who grow sub­stan­tially through­out the course of the nar­ra­tive—lo­gan grows into some­one more self-as­sured, while Dil­lon learns that a lais­sez-faire at­ti­tude on the bat­tle­field can cost lives.

Hu­mor­ous mo­ments come as well, in de­scrip­tions such as “The se­na­tor’s wife wore so much hair­spray it re­flected the light,” though set­tings are less de­scribed and are some­times hard to en­vi­sion.

Rene­gades strad­dles the line be­tween tragedy and com­edy, never feel­ing too much like one or the other.

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