Out­last­ing Michael Brown’s anti-LGBT agenda

GA Voice - - Out Spoken - By D’ANNE WITKOWSKI

Back­lash. That’s what we’re see­ing here in the flurry of anti-LGBT (and heavy on the T) leg­is­la­tion that’s been pro­posed and passed across the na­tion (or, in the case of Ge­or­gia, ve­toed. Thank you, Gov. Deal).

North Carolina just passed one of the harsh­est anti-LGBT laws in the country. It all started when Char­lotte, one of the state’s more civ­i­lized cities, passed an anti-dis­crim­i­na­tion law that in­cluded pro­tec­tions for LGBT peo­ple.

And rather than let some­thing so ter­ri­ble hap­pen in their state, North Carolina law­mak­ers held a spe­cial ses­sion so they could bang out a sweep­ing law that banned all cities from en­act­ing any laws that would dare to pro­tect LGBT peo­ple.

They made sure to put par­tic­u­lar em­pha­sis on mak­ing sure that trans­gen­der stu­dents can’t go to the bath­room. Or, more specif­i­cally, can’t use the bath­room at school that matches their gen­der iden­tity. You know, be­cause trans stu­dents just have too many rights.

The busi­ness com­mu­nity has come out in strong op­po­si­tion to the law. This law’s pas­sage, in spite of what cor­po­rate Amer­ica wanted, high­lights the fis­sure go­ing on in the GOP be­tween the probusi­ness and proJe­sus Repub­li­cans, two fac­tions that used to be ba­si­cally one in the same.

Michael Brown, author of “Out­last­ing the Gay Rev­o­lu­tion: Where Ho­mo­sex­ual Ac­tivism Is Re­ally Go­ing and How to Turn the Tide,” sees th­ese com­pa­nies as just a bunch of school­yard bul­lies try­ing to steal the Chris­tian kids’ lunch money so that they can go spend it on sex-change oper­a­tions or some­thing.

“It is time for Chris­tians and all peo­ple of con­science to say: ‘ Enough is enough with your bul­ly­ing,’” Brown writes on Charis­maNews.com.

It would be karmic jus­tice if peo­ple like Brown, who are so con­cerned about the “threat” of trans peo­ple be­ing al­lowed to use bath­rooms, never get to take a shit in pri­vate again.

Michael Brown

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