Hey, Ryan An­der­son: LGBT folks have our own fam­i­lies

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Speak­ing at Cleve­land’s Right to Life: Bring­ing Amer­ica Back to Life Con­ven­tion in early March, Ryan An­der­son, au­thor of “Truth Over­ruled: The Fu­ture of Mar­riage and Re­li­gious Free­dom,” ba­si­cally said, “Hey, we’ve got cri­sis preg­nancy cen­ters to stop preg­nant women from get­ting an abor­tion. What would the func­tional equiv­a­lent look like for peo­ple with same-sex at­trac­tions?”

Let me just stop and point out that he says “peo­ple with same-sex at­trac­tions” in or­der to make clear that “gay” is some­thing peo­ple do, not some­thing peo­ple are. It’s an im­por­tant dis­tinc­tion when your goal is to de­hu­man­ize.

An­der­son con­tin­ues, “If we’re not in fa­vor of same-sex mar­riage, what are we in fa­vor of for peo­ple with same-sex at­trac­tions and how are we help­ing them live out their vo­ca­tions?”

An in­ter­est­ing ques­tion. Par­tic­u­larly be- cause he’s im­ply­ing that gays need help from straight peo­ple, anti-gay straight Chris­tians es­pe­cially, to live their lives. It’s a weird claim. But when you see gays and les­bians as iso­lated per­verts try­ing to make their way through this world one hookup at a time, it makes a kind of sick sense. You don’t need le­gal pro­tec­tions for your fam­ily.

“When Thanks­giv­ing comes around, when Christ­mas comes around, are you invit­ing a same-sex at­tracted col­league or friend or mem­ber of your church who isn’t mar­ried and doesn’t have a fam­ily of his or her own; are you invit­ing them into your fam­ily to share Thanks­giv­ing din­ner or Christ­mas din­ner? Are there ways in which we can show that there are other forms of com­mu­nity that mat­ter, that are im­por­tant, that are mean­ing­ful, with­out hav­ing to re­de­fine mar­riage?”

In other words, silly gay or les­bian, mar­riage is for het­eros. You don’t need a fam­ily at all!

To every­one who thinks An­der­son has a great ar­gu­ment here, I say please, please, oh please in­vite me to Thanks­giv­ing. Be­cause I would have to de­cline since I have my own very real fam­ily, fuck you very much.

Ryan An­der­son

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