Vot­ing North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory out of of­fice is true ‘common sense’

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Hey, re­mem­ber that anti-gay law in North Carolina, HB2 (which stands for “hate & bull­shit”)? Well gosh darn, the whole thing just doesn’t seem to be go­ing very well for them.

Tourism, busi­nesses, the NCAA and ACC (no sportz ball for big­ots!), and even Bruce Spring­steen can­celed, fled, and/or ceased plans for ex­pan­sion.

In fact, ac­cord­ing to Wired mag­a­zine, “[T]he to­tal cost to North Carolini­ans so far from HB2 protests is slightly more than $395 mil­lion.” That’s a lot of mil­lions.

The state’s gov­er­nor, Pat McCrory, is will­ing to back a re­peal of HB2 only if the city of Char­lotte agrees to re­peal its LGBT rights or­di­nance, which pro­tects LGBT peo­ple from dis­crim­i­na­tion, in­clud­ing dis­crim­i­na­tion in pub­lic re­strooms. But Char­lotte’s mayor and city coun­cil are all, “Nope.” And McCrory is pissed.

McCrory said in a state­ment, “De­spite of­fer­ing a very rea­son­able so­lu­tion and com­pro­mise for North Carolina, it’s ob­vi­ous that D.C. spe­cial in­ter­est po­lit­i­cal pres­sures on elected Char­lotte city of­fi­cials – and even our own at­tor­ney gen­eral – again de­railed common sense.”

Only a man com­pletely out of touch and/or with­out a heart thinks that LGBT peo­ple are a face­less big pres­sure “D.C. spe­cial in­ter­est” group and not, you know, hu­man be­ings.

And as for common sense, give me a break. Dude: you signed a bill that has re­sulted in your state hem­or­rhag­ing nearly $400,000,000 and count­ing. You di­verted a half a mil­lion dol­lars from dis­as­ter re­lief to pay for HB2-re­lated le­gal bills. You don’t get a say in “sense,” common or oth­er­wise.

While McCrory may not have the power of common sense, he does have the power to call for a spe­cial ses­sion of the leg­is­la­ture to re­peal HB2. And here’s the thing: even if Char­lotte did say, “Oh, okay. We hate LGBT peo­ple too, now,” there’s no guar­an­tee that HB2 would get the ax. But McCrory should. May the vot­ers of North Carolina en­act the very rea­son­able so­lu­tion of vot­ing him out of of­fice.

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