Colorado law­maker: LGBT ‘be­hav­ior’ causes de­pres­sion, can­cer

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When­ever peo­ple ask me why I de­cided to get breast can­cer last year, I try to evade the ques­tion. Maybe I just like spend­ing time in hos­pi­tals. Maybe I have a surgery fetish. What I never ad­mit is that I did it for the bonus pay.

You might be won­der­ing, what’s this “bonus pay” you speak of? Well, up un­til Oct. 28 it was def­i­nitely a TOP SE­CRET part of the Gay Agenda.

But then LGBT hate scholar Gor­don Klin­gen­schmitt had to go and re­veal the plan to the world.

It all started with an an­nounce­ment from the Na­tional In­sti­tute on Mi­nor­ity Health and Health Dis­par­i­ties that they had for­mally des­ig­nated “sex­ual and gender mi­nori­ties (SGMs) as a health dis­par­ity pop­u­la­tion for NIH re­search.” The term SGM pri­mar­ily en­com­passes LGBT peo­ple.

“Mount­ing ev­i­dence in­di­cates that SGM pop­u­la­tions have less ac­cess to health care and higher bur­dens of cer­tain dis­eases, such as de­pres­sion, can­cer, and HIV/AIDS,” wrote NIMHD Direc­tor Eliseo Pérez-Sta­ble. “But the ex­tent and causes of health dis­par­i­ties are not fully un­der­stood, and re­search on how to close these gaps is lack­ing.”

The SGM des­ig­na­tion is in­tended to catch peo­ple who of­ten fall through the cracks in the health care sys­tem. Be­cause a healthy coun­try is a stronger coun­try and ev­ery­one de­serves ac­cess to health care, right?

Klin­gen­schmitt, an elected of­fi­cial in the Colorado House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives, said dur­ing his Oct. 28 “news” pro­gram, “I al­ways worry a lit­tle bit when they say these peo­ple are un­der-served be­cause what that means is they’re go­ing to start pour­ing out more gov­ern­ment hand­outs to peo­ple who be­have a cer­tain way. So now they’re go­ing to get bonus pay to treat the dis­eases which they bring on due to their be­hav­ior. Your tax­payer dol­lars at work.”

Take that, tax­pay­ers! Get­ting sick to get that sweet bonus pay is the life! Granted, I haven’t got­ten my check yet, but I’m sure it’ll be huge! I can’t wait! (Se­ri­ously. I can’t wait. I couldn’t work for nearly a year. Please send the check ASAP along with my Obama phone, thanks).

Gor­don Klin­gen­schmitt

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