Jesse Lee Peter­son cre­ates new def­i­ni­tion of com­mon sense

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When au­thor Jesse Lee Peter­son said on news ra­dio WINA’s “The Schilling Show” that LGBT rights were “evil” and are ba­si­cally ru­in­ing ev­ery­thing, it was hardly his first time bash­ing gays. Speak­ing to host Rob Schilling on Dec. 15, Peter­son be­moaned the ad­vance­ment in LGBT rights over the last eight years, pro­claim­ing it an at­tack on “man and woman.”

“(T)he chil­dren of the lie, they are push­ing for no gen­der. They don’t want you to iden­tify as a man or as a woman,” he said.

The “chil­dren of the lie” refers, duh, to LGBT peo­ple and their sup­port­ers. And ap­par­ently the Ho­mo­sex­ual Agenda now in­cludes manda­tory an­drog­yny. I wish right-wingers would stop adding to our agenda. First we wanted to de­stroy “tra­di­tional mar­riage,” now we want to de­stroy “man and woman?”

But what it all comes down to is, of course, bath­rooms.

“We need to re­al­ize that once you give evil power by let­ting it have its way, it will de­stroy you. It will de­stroy you per­son­ally, it will de­stroy your fam­ily, it will de­stroy your com­mu­nity and your coun­try, and that’s what it’s been do­ing es­pe­cially in the last eight years,” Peter­son says. “It’s just been out of con­trol, to a point that they are push­ing men and women that are con­fused about their iden­ti­ties to go into what­ever bath­room of choice. That’s not even com­mon sense, you know that has to be evil.”

Ah. So if some­thing isn’t “com­mon sense,” it must be evil. Got it. Thank good­ness “com­mon sense” is never shaped by faulty logic and/or prej­u­dice.

Look, if a trans man or woman uses the re­stroom that best cor­re­sponds to their gen­der, penises and vagi­nas ev­ery­where don’t sud­denly trans­form into the rip­ple­less geog­ra­phy of Bar­bie and Ken. Just like mar­riage equal­ity didn’t ruin the sanc­tity of mar­riage, trans peo­ple emp­ty­ing their blad­ders and bow­els isn’t go­ing to ruin the sanc­tity of pub­lic re­strooms. But please, re­gard­less of your gen­der iden­tity, wash your hands and don’t for­get to flush. That’s just com­mon sense.

Jesse Lee Peter­son

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