Dave Dauben­mire goes af­ter … Rachel Mad­dow?

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Let’s talk about what a dum-dum brains Rachel Mad­dow is.

Full dis­clo­sure: I watch Mad­dow’s show as of­ten as I can. I’ve read “Drift,” her book about the mil­i­tary. I find her in­sight­ful, funny, su­per hot and, above all, bril­liant.

But then I heard Chris­tian sports ra­dio talker Dave Dauben­mire tell me that she’s an id­iot.

Dur­ing his March 2 broad­cast, Dauben­mire com­plains that some peo­ple think he’s dumb. He lashes out at “those peo­ple, those elit­ists, peo­ple who go to univer­sity.”

And to prove that he’s the smartest (but not, like, elit­ist smart), he wants to de­bate … Rachel Mad­dow?

“I’d love to get on there with that man/ woman/man, what’s her name? On MSNB-Sin? Mad­dow!” he said. “I’d love to get on there with that dude.

“Hey, Rachel, are you lis­ten­ing? I’m sup­posed to take ad­vice from you and you don’t even know that you’re sup­posed to love a man?” he con­tin­ued. “You’re telling me that you’re on MSNBC and you’re giv­ing ad­vice to the world and you don’t even know who you’re sup­posed to love? Are you kid­ding me? You don’t even know how plumb­ing works?” Ooh! Sick burn! Does Mad­dow know that Obama and Hil­lary Clin­ton are con­trolled by demons? That God “su­per­nat­u­rally in­ter­vened” to make Trump pres­i­dent? That chem­trails and Piz­za­gate are real? That pub­lic ed­u­ca­tion is “the spir­i­tual rap­ing of chil­dren?” That Satan or­ches­trated the Su­per Bowl per­for­mances of both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga? Be­cause if she’d been lis­ten­ing to Dauben­mire for the past cou­ple of years, she’d know the truth.

Dur­ing his March 2 show, still di­rectly ad­dress­ing Mad­dow, Dauben­mire asks, “You’re the smart one and I’m the dumb one?”


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