Solve The Mys­tery

Me­lanie thinks the spooky noises in her room are ghosts, but could they be some­thing else? Read on to find out!

Girls' World - - October Contents -

Mel, hurry up!” So­phie, the old­est Fuller sis­ter cried out as Me­lanie pulled on her cover-up. “Gosh, Soph. We’re on va­ca­tion in Florida,” Mel grum­bled. “Can we re­lax a lit­tle?”

“Nooooooo,” So­phie whined. “I know you’re tired af­ter our hike, but we still have a lot to do to­day — this ho­tel is so awe­some!”

Me­lanie wasn’t so sure about that. Her fam­ily had been at The Sil­ver Crown Ho­tel for two days now, and some­thing about the place just creeped her out.

Oooooooooooo! “There it was again — that strange noise!” Me­lanie cried to So­phie. “Did you hear it this time?”

“I don’t know what you’re talk­ing about, sis,” she replied from the bath­room. “Maybe if you get out to the pool, you’ll stop hear­ing things.”

Mel knew she wasn’t crazy. She’d been hear­ing strange noises in the walls since get­ting to the ho­tel, but her sis­ter and par­ents didn’t seem to be con­cerned.

Knock, knock, Me­lanie heard right as the girls were fi­nally ready to go. When she pulled the door open, the clean­ing lady was there. She was about to come into the room when Delia called her over. Delia was the lady stay­ing next door who they’d met their first night at Sil­ver Crown — she was ask­ing for more aloe vera to soothe her sun­burn. The sis­ters waved at both women be­fore head­ing out­side to meet their par­ents.

So­phie was right; the pool was a blast. And she let her younger sis­ter know it. “Aren’t you glad you de­cided to join me?” So­phie asked as they swam.

“Yeah, you were right, but I’m start­ing to get bored,” Mel said. “We’ve been out here awhile now. Let’s go.”

The sis­ters got out of the pool and went to put on their coverups, when Mel felt some­thing was off.

“Uh oh,” So­phie said. “Did you for­get to put on sun­screen?”

She had, and her burnt shoul­ders didn’t look pretty. Mrs. Fuller sent the girls back up to their room with

in­struc­tions to rub some aloe on Mel’s shoul­ders. “I’m go­ing to look like a lob­ster for the rest of the trip,” Mel com­plained to So­phie as they walked back to their room. “Well, at least you won’t be the only one,” she whis­pered back, point­ing at Delia, who was walk­ing down the hall in her bathrobe. Mel no­ticed that Delia’s burn was worse than the burn on her own shoul­ders and re­mem­bered her say­ing she had fallen asleep by the pool yes­ter­day with­out putting on sun­screen first. Poor Delia! Af­ter putting on some aloe, Me­lanie and So­phie just de­cided to hang in the room for a bit be­cause they knew it wouldn’t be long be­fore their par­ents came back to get ready for din­ner. “I know what we should do,” So­phie smiled. “I’m go­ing to tell you a story!” “Al­right,” Mel said, think­ing her sis­ter looked way too ex­cited about the plan. “There once was a girl on va­ca­tion,” she be­gan. “It should have been a happy time, but she knew some­thing was wrong. She heard scary moan­ing noises. What could it be? Then, one morn­ing she woke up to find a note on her pil­low say­ing…” The door sud­denly slammed open, caus­ing Mel to jump! “Sorry!” their mom said, as she came into the room. “Didn’t mean to swing the door so hard and scare you!” The fam­ily changed and headed to din­ner, but Me­lanie was still on edge.

“What’s up, Melly Belly?” her mom asked. “You’ve looked tense all af­ter­noon.”

“Guys, I know you think I’m crazy, but af­ter hear­ing Soph’s story and all the weird noises I’ve been hear­ing from the room, I just know this ho­tel is haunted,” she cried out. “There have to be ghosts here. It’s the only ex­pla­na­tion.”

“Oh, Mel,” her mom said be­fore turn­ing to her old­est daugh­ter. “So­phie, have you been play­ing a trick on your sis­ter?”

“Ac­tu­ally, ex­cuse me,” Delia in­ter­rupted. “I think I may be able to ex­plain what’s go­ing on.”

Is the ho­tel re­ally haunted or is So­phie play­ing a prank on her sis­ter? And what does Delia have to ex­plain? Try to fig­ure it out be­fore read­ing be­low.

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