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Was So­phie try­ing to trick Mel all along?

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No, So­phie wasn’t try­ing to trick her sis­ter! Yes, she thought it was funny to scare Me­lanie with a ghost story, but she hasn’t been play­ing a prank. But don’t worry, The Sil­ver Crown Ho­tel isn’t haunted ei­ther! The “ghost” that Me­lanie keeps hear­ing is Delia from next door. Re­mem­ber when she asked the clean­ing lady for an ex­tra tube of aloe and then the girls saw her walk­ing down the hall­way with an aw­ful sun­burn? She’s been in so much pain from her burn that she’s been “ooo-ing” and “ah­hing” nearly ev­ery time she moves, which were the “spooky” noises that Me­lanie kept hear­ing through the ho­tel’s walls.

Once she heard all this, Me­lanie felt funny for think­ing her ho­tel was haunted, but she knew this silly sit­u­a­tion would make this fam­ily va­ca­tion the most mem­o­rable one yet!

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