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Dough­nut Bar: Set up a ta­ble with a bunch of glazed dough­nuts. Then, have bowls of vanilla and choco­late ic­ing that your friends can spread onto their dough­nuts. Make sure to have bowls con­tain­ing fun top­pings that can be sprin­kled over the ic­ing!

Milk Sta­tion: Serve glasses of cold milk to go along with all the dough­nuts you girls will be eat­ing!

Pineapple Rings: Have an adult cut sev­eral round pineapple slices so they re­sem­ble dough­nuts!

Jelly Dough­nut Bagel Sand­wich: In­stead of us­ing slices of bread, use bagels to make jelly sand­wiches. Talk about de­li­cious!

Munchkin Dough­nut Kabobs: Have an adult stick bam­boo skew­ers through four or five dif­fer­ent fla­vored munchkins dough­nuts to cre­ate kabobs!

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