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— Jess, 7, AZ

It al­most seems like magic the way an eraser can make words dis­ap­pear on pa­per, but it all comes down to science! Pen­cils are made with graphite (a type of min­eral) and erasers are made from a hu­man­made rub­ber. The rub­ber is “stick­ier” than the pa­per, so when you glide it over the writ­ten words, the tiny pieces of graphite stick to the eraser in­stead of the pa­per. The harder the eraser, the more rub­bing you’ll need to do to erase. So if you make a lot of mis­takes, we sug­gest get­ting a softer eraser — es­pe­cially one made with vinyl. Vinyl picks up graphite even bet­ter than rub­ber!

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