Test your dol­phin IQ!

Girls' World - - June Contents -

1 Fe­male dol­phins are called cows, males are called bulls and young dol­phins are called calves. FACT or FIC­TION

2 Dol­phins can­not breathe through their mouths; they breathe through blow­holes on the top of their heads. FACT or FIC­TION

3 They love to dive ! Dol­phins can swim 1,000 feey deep FACT or FIC­TION

4 Dol­phins are veg­e­tar­i­ans-they only like eat­ing sea­weed. FACT or FIC­TION

5 While most live in the ocean dif­fer­ent species of dol­phins can live in fresh­wa­ter, too! FACT or FIC­TION

6 There are ar­round 20 dif­fer­ent spe­ceis of dol­phins in the world! FACT or FIC­TION

7 Baby dol­phins are born tail first in­stead of head first, the way hu­mans are born. FACT or FIC­TION

8 Some dol­phins as can jump as high 50 feet in the air! FACT or FIC­TION

9 All species of dol­phins are gray-blue in color. FACT or FIC­TION

10 Dol­phins switch off only one side of their brain to keep breath­ing and stay alert while they're sleep­ing. FACT or FIC­TION

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