ABLUBBER-ban­ish­ing pro­tein that pre­vents fat buildup and re­duces blood sugar lev­els has been found — and it may be turned into a pill that could cut world­wide obe­sity rates!

Sci­en­tists say the pro­tein, called BAM15, makes the body burn through more calo­ries, and it’s proven to pre­vent weight gain from gorg­ing on fatty and sug­ary foods.

In lab tri­als, sci­en­tists found mice given BAM15 were re­sis­tant to weight gain be­cause they burned more calo­ries than un­treated mice.

BAM15 could be ad­min­is­tered as an in­jec­tion or pill, and used to treat a num­ber of health con­di­tions, in­clud­ing di­a­betes, fatty liver dis­ease and some forms of can­cer, which can all be caused by obe­sity.

Global spend­ing to treat obe­sity and obe­sity-re­lated ill­nesses amounts to well over $150 bil­lion a year.

A few med­i­ca­tions for obe­sity treat­ment are ap­proved by the FDA, but peo­ple tak­ing them “rarely achieve long-term weight loss,” says Dr. John Kir­wan, ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of the Pen­ning­ton Biomed­i­cal Re­search Cen­ter in Ba­ton Rouge, La. “Halt­ing the obe­sity epi­demic requires new, more ef­fec­tive med­i­ca­tions.

“We hope that in the not-tood­is­tant fu­ture, BAM15 or re­lated com­pounds will ad­vance to clin­i­cal drug de­vel­op­ment and be­come a vi­able treat­ment op­tion for pa­tients with obe­sity.”

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